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OLYMPIA - A conversation with the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WLCB) answered questions about the state of Washington’s legal marijuana industry during the coronavirus pandemic.

While many so-called “non-essential” businesses are being ordered to shutdown, marijuana sales can proceed as normal.

WSLCB’s Julie Graham says marijuana retailers are considered to be “essential” because of medical marijuana users. As a result, cannabis sellers can also continue selling to recreational users.

During the coronavirus pandemic, legal pot dealers will sell to-go-style per usual, but will also implement curbside pickup/delivery systems to people in their vehicles. Graham says anyone picking up marijuana must not have anyone under the age of 21 in their vehicle, the marijuana must be sold within the store’s property perimeter and an ID check is required.

All marijuana vendors are required to practice social distancing.

Liquor stores are considered non-essential. However, essential businesses likely grocery stores who sell alcohol can continue to sell such items. 

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They are essential to keep tax revenue flowing in. Getting food by way of fishing is not an essential activity (recreating, exercising, going outside - all allowed by Inslee's mandate). This is a joke.

Wash girl

Russian interference/TRUMP


Jeez drive by pot


Well, we all know that Jay Inslee is a @#$%^&* dope!

est PNW509


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