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MOSES LAKE - Over the past 24 hours, meteorologists with the National Weather Service in Spokane say the Wenatchee Valley received a third of an inch of rain. In Moses Lake, an area notorious for being exceptionally dry during the summer months, got .19 inches of rain. In the north central Washington region, the Waterville Plateau to the Colville Reservation got as much as .75 inches in some place and at least a half an inch in others. The last time any significant rainfall was seen in Wenatchee was on June 15th when .08 inches. Moses Lake’s last rain brought .001 inches on August 6 and .11 inches on June 28.

“Wednesday’s rain definitely helps dampen the wildfire prone areas,” NWS Meteorologist Joey Clevinger told iFIBER ONE News on Thursday. “It watered the fields well, reduced the chance for blowing dust on Friday, and any new fires will have a hard time spreading.”

Clevinger says there were no reports of flooding because the rain system was “spread out” and did not generate areas of concentrated rain fall.  

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