Moses Lake Middle School teacher Rita Gardner and student 

MOSES LAKE - After weeks of deliberations, the Moses Lake School District has announced that it will not be laying off any teachers or certified staff as a result of budget reductions. Last month, there were talks about a possible reduction in staffing which sparked hysteria about the district’s decision making.  Since the start of 2018, the MLSD lost nearly $12 million in revenue to fund and operate the district. In 2018, levy collections totaled nearly $18 million but in 2019, levy collection were reduced to a fraction of the previous year total with an amount of $6,154,329.

iFIBER ONE News reached out to MLSD Superintendent Josh Meek for comment.

“The Moses Lake School District is pleased to announce that we will not be implementing layoff procedures for our teaching and certificated staff," Meek stated. "It has been a long and bumpy road to get here, but great solutions don’t come easily. Many of our partner school districts across the state are facing the same challenges as we are, but this is a time when I am proud of our staff and community to explore and plan in the best possible way. Strong school systems are able to endure when challenges present themselves. That is only possible when good planning, financial oversight, strategic thinking, and teamwork come together. While we are faced with questioning the norm of our spending and funding reality we remain committed to the care and success of each and every child. We know that the number one factor in student achievement and success is a high quality teacher. If we know that to be true, and we recognize the obstacles we have to get there, then we knew we had to be very purposeful in how we maximize our limited resources. I am excited for the future of our district and the amazing learning that our students receive each and every day.”

iFIBER ONE News reached out to Moses Lake Education Association President Jeremy Pitts Thursday morning.

“It’s very positive news and we’re excited for students and our staff,” said Pitts.

In addition to a reduction in tax money collections, salary expenditures increased year-over-year by $4 million when the district finalized its new collective bargaining agreement.

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Plain Citizen

I guess someone won't be getting their multi-million dollar bonus.
I've lost all faith in the MLSD Administration and School Board after these past couple years. You will no longer be receiving my YES votes-for anything.

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