Footage from flight via KPAX-TV

MOSES LAKE - KPAX-TV reports a father and son who were visiting their family home in Finley Point in Polson, Montana on July 29, found a GoPro covered in dirt they believe belongs to someone in the Moses Lake area. The pair came to that conclusion after the three-hour video on the camera’s SD card. KPAX-TV reports that Karl Kachigan and his son Pete found the camera in some dirt on a dock next to theirs.


Footage from GoPro via KPAX-TV

"I saw a little red thing and I wanted to know what it was," Peter told KPAX-TV. "So, I went over to the other dock and it was a little rechargeable battery connected to a GoPro. And I was curious why it was there. So, I took it up and plugged the SD card into the computer and it had three hours of footage on it on a balloon."


Footage from GoPro via KPAX-TV

Karl told the Montana TV station that the video on the SD card appears to be from February 2018. He says it appears that the camera was attached to a weather balloon.


Footage from start of GoPro video via KPAX-TV

"It managed to catch some jet stream, flew over and in the final footage I think the helium balloon burst and you can kinda see it spiraling and tippling and whatever," said Karl. "And finally, it came to rest in Polson Bay on top of ice. But the date on the video card said February of 2018 and here we are in July 29 of 2020."


estimated path of travel

While reviewing the footage, Karl says he attempted find out where the balloon’s voyage began. Based on the airport pictured in the video, he suspects that the camera took off from Moses Lake. Based on the footage, it appears the GoPro and the balloon reach a heigh of 24 miles above the earth into its stratosphere. The balloon reaches its maximum height, pops, and plummets over 100,000 feet back down onto an ice-covered lake in Polson, Montana. 


Footage from GoPro video via KPAX-TV

"So, we saw, originally if you look at the video we saw what looks like a river, what looks like a lake. And there was kind of this unique airport that had at least four runways in an x pattern," he told KPAX-TV. 

KPAX-TV reports that Karl spoke to a number of aviation experts to pinpoint which airport was in the video.

Karl and his son would like to return the camera to its rightful owner, who is believed to be captured at the start of the video.

iFIBER ONE News attempted to reach out to Karl.

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Lovely Photographs!



stinky stew

It refreshing to see this post. It really is a wonderful world we live on. - Modern solid state electronics- lenses - li-pos are pretty darned good too----


Why is it that when refuse travels hundreds of miles in the air and drops on to the earth with alkaline or ni-cad batteries its wonderful? But when I toss out my beer cans (recyclable aluminum) on a desolate hi-way, it's littering?


This is clearly some sort of experiment, whereas your trash is just that- trash. Imagine not knowing the difference 🤔


So if my cans fly and land after hundreds of miles all of a sudden it's an experiment?

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