Dr. David Curnel with patient, photo was taken prior to pandemic

MOSES LAKE - Longtime Confluence Health physician and Grant County Health District board member Dr. David Curnel says a flu shot is a form of defense against COVID-19.

Will it shield you from coronavirus? No, but Dr. Curnel says those who’ve had their flu immunizations will have less likely of a chance of contracting COVID-19 and if they get it, it will reduce the severity of symptoms.

Based on what’s been seen in the southern hemisphere, which has one month of spring left, Curnel says it proved to the medical community that flu vaccines did have an impact on COVID-19.

“It’s been shown to help,” Dr. Curnel told iFIBER ONE News.

Research published by the Scientific American Journal last month states that, “a flu vaccine against the influenza virus may also trigger the body to produce broad infection-fighting molecules that combat the pandemic-causing coronavirus.” 

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I run outta bleach. No turkey either.


... don't tell the people about hydroxychloroquine.

@the real JohnQPublic

So is bleach and tide pods. At least those don't require a prescription or doctor visit.


Flu shots are free for ANYBODY with any type of insurance at almost all Pharmacies WITHOUT and appointment. And I think the shots are free to people with no insurance also.

@the real JohnQPublic

Maybe in your world, but I already have these other two 'medicines' in my house right now. I'm gonna get my flu vaccine this morning without ever having to put on my bathrobe and leave the house.

The Rural Racist

Doctors Shmocktors. Jared Kushner and the invisible hand of free market economics is how to deal with a pandemic.

Angry old man

yup i got mine..cheap insurance rather than getting sick,,,safe than sorry

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