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MOSES LAKE - With the ongoing surge of COVID-19 cases, the Moses Lake Grid Kids youth football season has been canceled.

“I don’t think anybody would have thought that something like COVID-19 could/would have impacted the way we function to the extent it has,” Moses Lake Grid Kids President Jared Pope stated. “From lockdown, to social distancing, to mask wearing, the world has certainly changed. Grid Kids has been gathering information from USA Football and using the WIAA plan on how to play the season. In order for the season to start we need to be in Phase 4.”

Grant County is currently in Phase 2 of the state’s reopening plan, and Gov. Jay Inslee has put an indefinite pause to county’s moving forward in the reopening plan. 

The WIAA classifies football as a high-risk sport under COVID-19 guidelines.

“We still don’t have all the rules that we would have to adhere to as that point (Phase 4),” Pope added. “There is no easy answers, because the rules and guidelines are always changing as more is learned about the virus. I’m hoping that we get this virus under control and come back stronger than ever.”

The WIAA has already pushed high school football and other fall high school sports to the spring in hopes the rate of COVID-19 spread allows for counties to move into Phase 4.

Currently, 17 counties are in Phase 3 of a four-part reopening process, 17 counties are currently in Phase 2 and five counties are in a modified Phase 1 of reopening.

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