Moses Lake High School

MOSES LAKE - A Moses Lake High School staff member has tested positive for COVID-19, according to the school district.

The district was informed by the Grant County Health District, which reported two new cases in Moses Lake on Thursday. A total of six cases have been confirmed in Moses Lake.

The Moses Lake High School staff member’s last day of contact at the school was on March 16, the last day of school for the district before schools across the state were closed.

“The guidelines for quarantine are 14 days after exposure. All individuals believed to have been exposed or in contact with the staff member will receive communication directly from the health district,” school district officials stated. “We know that this news is concerning. We urge you to please remain at home and monitor your family’s symptoms through Monday, March 31.”

A total of 39 cases have been confirmed in Grant County as of Thursday, with another 32 probable cases and 150 pending test results, according to the health district.

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Maybe I am uninterested in the name. Maybe I am insane.


Was it Josh Meeks?


They will call the people that they're in close contact with so if you don't get a call, calm down. Stay home and stay safe. People need to keep their kids at home to. Sure let them go outside but most are letting them run amuck. 😠😠😠


Yes,...a muck...


You don't need the name. Did the staff member have the virus on March 13 or did they get it later? If the kids stayed in home isolation after school was let out and are showing no symptoms at all, your probable fine because it's been 14 days now. A Yakima middle school employee has been confirmed to have CV19 but no one else has come down with it and the health dept stated that only 2 more days and everyone should be fine as to being infected by that person. Let the MLSD trace the person and let those known to have been in contact with the person be notified. You don't need the name and then sit and dream up things that might happen and make things worse and start rumors that grow.

Wash girl

Why does one need to know the name of that individual ? Simply consider the fact that multiple persons were most likely exposed and therefore employ a 14 day quarantine for your concerns. How difficult is that when the majority has already been requested/required to completely submit to safely space themselves from each other?


One needs to know because your School employees live among us. They should be quarantined in Hospital. No safety space is going to protect us. I have health risks that could kill me.


So maybe you should be staying home quarantined if you have underlying health concerns. No one needs a name! Why are people demanding the name of this one individual when there are 5 more positive cases in Moses Lake?


Maybe u should lose your anger. Koko


I know a lot of concerned parents are asking who this staff member is, I understand that there are laws preventing names to be stated. However there many of us in this community that know there is not one staff member that can say they only had contact with a few students or other staff, especially up at the high school. Who’s to know how many students are or were in close contact with this staff member or any objects or surfaces that were also used or touched. Hallways, restrooms, sinks, etc. just saying we should be able to know and not just sit and worry if one of our own is going to get sick...


I totally agree. We have the right to know who this person is. I am a high risk Cardiac person'

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