MOSES LAKE- Moses Lake man, Jacob Codiga, has something that most people don’t, a bond with a wild animal. Codiga has built a bond with a squirrel, which he cares for in his back yard.

When the squirrel was a baby, Codiga’s step daughter happened upon it, abandoned by it’s mother. Codiga tried to return the squirrel to its mother but the mother again rejected it’s child. Codiga has a plethora of experience with all kinds of animals, so he decided to care for the abandoned creature. The squirrel, which he named “Squirrely”, was later discovered to be blind in one eye, which explains why it’s mother abandoned it.

Caring for a wild animal isn’t exactly an easy task, but it’s one Codiga has found rewarding.

“(Squirrels) are pretty moody for the most part. They want food, they’re gonna be right there around you and they’re a little aggressive for the most part,” Codiga said. “It’s a different experience, that’s for sure. Most of the time you don’t have the ability to get close to an animal like that. So when you bond with an animal that’s not typically handled, it’s a different experience all together.”

Caring for wild animals is generally discouraged, but if anyone is looking for tips on squirrel care, Codiga is happy to help them find the information they’d need.

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