Mick Hansen

MOSES LAKE - A local man who’s taking matters into his own hands to help the homeless says the outpouring of support for him has been “unbelievable” since we aired our story last Friday. iFIBER ONE News profiled Mick Hansen of Moses Lake. Hansen, a prominent land owner is housing most of the homeless population on his abandoned lumberyard property across from the Moses Lake Food Bank. Hansen says he opened up the property to the homeless a few years ago, but the inhabitants on the land has drastically increased this year after the warming center closed in 2019. After our story aired, Hansen says scores of people have reached out to him asking how to help.

“It’s just unbelievable the response we’ve gotten,” Hansen told iFIBER ONE News. “We’ve got lots of materials coming in.” 

Hansen says people have donated clothing, canned goods, blankets and firewood. Hansen says firewood is the most desired donation to keep people warm. Hansen added that the Moses Lake Police Department is donating clothing that someone gave them in response to the story.

Hansen says a local church has reached out to him expressing interest in developing living shelters for the homeless, a mobile clothing station and a soup kitchen.  

“I’m just blown away,” Hansen added.

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Remember the old saying, feed the strays and they then, become pets..


I tend to remember the old saying "there but for the grace of God go I."




Alot of people don't realize the reality of what homeless and living on the street really is. For years our children always seemed to bring troubled kids or strays home with them. My wife and I excepted this and did our best if nothing else but a place to feel welcome. For 40 years now, our children gone, we are still doing what we can by inviting people into our lives, yes we have had bad experiences but overall we regret nothing, the stories we hear from our quests make us realize how fortunate we are and how hard most of our quests struggled before being beaten down, my wife and I feel blessed by our efforts and to this day continue to try and help those who need it. As an example, we recently met a couple on the street this last winter in dire straits carrying a box with one of there only possessions in it, there dog and 6 newborn puppies, now less than a year later, they both have income through social security, medical which they need desperately a car and a small place with a roof over their heads without using any state agency help, and they took their gratitude and put it took trying to help others, just passing it forward, we have no regrets




These people are God's people too. No matter what they do or why they struggle .That ain't nobody's business that's between them and God . I'd walk hand in hand with every one of them. I've known the rich and I walk with the poor and you would be surprised whose helped me more. May the first person whose free of sin cast the first stone.

Desert Dweller

Just take a look at San Francisco or Seattle, enabling might not be the best choice.

Desert Dweller

What you condone you will get more of.


That includes love, forgiveness, and mercy.


I concur


My thoughts are that if you are going to be a volunteer, donate, give a a kindness, whatever.... you need to do it without judgment. Some people need it. Most people are honestly struggling. A few will try to use the system (it must be great to be outside in the freezing cold with no bathroom, shower, or food on the table next to a nice warm heater, right?....). So give with your heart and leave the judging up to your God. You have no idea what the stories are that have brought these people to this place in their lives. No need to judge what you don't know. Truthfully, if it does not bring you joy and comfort to know you have done a kindness for someone else, you should be doing it in the first place. Love your neighbor with a joyful heart because anyone can give... but Christ says to give with a joyful heart. thoughts are that you might want to go back a reread your scripture, look deep into your heart, and then decide if you should or shouldn't. You can answer for your actions later as well.

The Rural Realist

I am a christian. I consider myself to be a good Christian. I am not the best. Like everyone, I have shortcomings but I do truly try to do the right things. I try to follow Christ's example and help the poor and needy. I enjoy helping them. There is a very satisfying and rewarding feeling that comes from it. I must admit I am really struggling with the homeless at this point. I know there are people out there that have become homeless through no fault of thier own and are unable to get themselves financially independent. I, and i am sure most of you, are always willing and ready to help those individuals but as i watch and pay attention to the homeless, I see less and less of those who I feel are deserving of help or at least of my finincial contributions. Spending time in and around the homeless population in moses lake I have seen nothing but financial irresponsibility. Outside the warming center last year and in city parks it was a giant party that consisted of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. The average smoker consumes over a pack a day in he in the United states. In Washington state that at least $250 monthly in cigarettes. Even if a person drinks the cheapest alcohol, I don't think it's possible to drink 12 hours a day for under $20. That's $600 a month in alcohol. Just in alcohol and cigarettes there is $850 a month not to mention both legal and illegal drugs that are so prevalent among the homeless. Well $850 is far more than my rent and electricity cost me per month. I would love to smoke, drink and do drugs but I can't afford it. That's not a joke. I quit smoking and i don't go to the bar becuase I chose to pay my rent. It wasnt easy to give those things up but i did it. As much as i enjoy an altered state of consciousness provided by drug use, I need a job to pay my rent and my employer won't allow me to partake of drugs. So at what point does applying common sense put me at odds with Christ's teachings? When does enabling the homeless become a disservice? I know if I am struggling with these feeling many of you are too. What are your thoughts?


Rural Realist~

Obviously if you are so conflicted on “should you or shouldn’t you” help someone in need, then it’s highly likely that your heart really isn’t in the giving mood.

I believe all of us have conflicting thoughts and emotions about the homeless. As a Christian, I rely on my God to speak to me and if I feel led to help someone. I do it. And I do it with an open, willing and Joyful spirit. I never question if I feel God is leading me to do something. Does that mean I help every single homeless person on the street? NO‼️ However, I do try to keep my heart open and I follow Gods direction. I always talk to the person when I help them and ask them what they are going to do if I give them $$ and I tell them that Jesus loves them and I also tell them that I will pray for their situation.

As I said I do not always open my wallet to help everyone on the street. I do however, PRAY for them and their situation and pray that they can find their way back to their family, friends and a job.

See you don’t always have to give $$ to help.

So listen to God and let Him work in your heart so you may become an unquestioning JOYFUL Giver.

God Bless you.


Keeping someone from freezing to death is not "enabling." There is plenty in the New Testament about forgiveness, and understanding that other people will make mistakes and still deserve our love. Many of us are fortunate enough to not have to struggle with addiction issues or mental health issues. I don't think that gives us the right to condemn people who do struggle.

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