Homeless site

MOSES LAKE - The city of Moses Lake is moving forward with leasing a property along East Broadway Avenue to serve as a homeless camp site.

The city council on Tuesday agreed to negotiate a two-year lease for the site at 1049 E. Broadway Ave., the former Penhaullerick’s lumber yard along state Route 17.

The city had initially planned to have a homeless camp at Longview Tracks but backed off those plans after feedback from the public as well as concerns from the Moses Lake School District due to the proposed location sitting less than 700 feet from Longview Elementary School.

Members of the city’s Housing Committee previously visited with businesses neighboring the East Broadway property, a spoke with a view business owners, and city officials say concerns expressed by business owners included security of the homeless site, use of the site when not open, decreases in property values and a lack of a long-term solution for the homeless population.

City Manager Allison Williams in a report to the city council stated that city staff believes the business’ concerns can be addressed in the design and management of the site. The city has contracted with HopeSource to provide site management.

“The proposed lease calls for the demolition of the existing building, as well as clearing and a view obscuring fence of the site,” Williams wrote.

The proposed site would include portable housing units and security, with access for homeless allowed from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.

The cost of the lease and homeless camp are coming from CARES Act funds and COVID-19 funds, and recording fee funds will be used to help with ongoing homeless program costs, according to city documents.

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I feel sorry for Ladd Irrigation and Irrigators INC and their customers.


You can't expect any Trumper or Gulper to have any feelings for anyone other than themselves. The bulk of these people have never left this area, all they know is what effects them. Alot of them preach Patriotism, yet have never served in a combat zone. I have lived alot of places. But you people are the absolute worst. Its unbelievable that one can be so closed minded and mean spirited. Cowardly bunch right wingers who do nothing, but complain about Democrats. This place deserves Trump


Well at least you’re resigned to the fact that Trump is going to win. That we can agree on.

The Communist Fascist

Silence Bitch.

Leftist Simps

I've served, does that make my opinion worth more? There are alot of people who live here that havent served and are just as patriotic about our country and this community as I am. For you to say that is absolutely ridiculous and to tell you the truth it's one of the most ignorant things I've read on here.

People that LIVE here care about their communities, their jobs, their schools, their churches and the safety of their families.

Alot of people here care for the less fortunate in this area as well. If you went to any of the MANY churches, senior centers, food banks, businesses here you would know that.

It isn't about not being empathic for the homeless, the community (rightly so) doesnt want everything that goes with a "homeless camp". Read up on what happens when this shit is allowed to get a foot hold.

I mean it, take your emotions out of it and DO SOME RESEARCH. It is one of the worst things that can happen to small communities.

I've been all over the world, including several states. Ive seen suffering, real suffering and sending the homeless to other areas that can not only afford them but welcome it is a far better option.

Are you really that naive to think the city council will do the right thing for these people? The city cannot sustain it!

This community is a great place to live and this is a huge mistake!

I think you are the real coward here for letting your feelings for the few override for what's best for all. That is a typical leftist point of view and most americans HATE IT.

BTW, Yes this place deserves a leader who gets shit done, not some clown who trys to restrict people's freedoms and implement ridiculous legislation.

IF you dont like it, LEAVE.

You know what this place needs, to rid it of ignorant people like you.


A homeless (people who have no transportation OR vehicles) are being put into a "camp" on one of the busiest and highest speed intersections in the city of Moses Lake.. I wonder when the death is going to occur when some homeless person tries to cross the street.. I swear this town's water must have radioactive lead in it and causing a mass pandemic of STUPIDITY !!!


The city is just planning ahead . . . for another term of Trump. We're going to have to put the destitute somewhere.

Ms Spitfire

Way to stereotype the homeless!

Leftist Simps

Well at least your right about one thing "Another Trump term" thanks for finally excepting it.

Desert Dweller

Like all things government - huge inability to see the future consequences of their actions.

It's just like the riots and looting going on in the cities now.


It would be nice if the government actually tried to solve a problem once.


How is it that the city was discussing and planning for this homeless site for about a year—well before COVID—but now they are diverting CARES and COVID funding to pay for it? What was the funding plan in the absence of COVID and why isn’t that being used? I personally feel any federal dollars that were allocated to cities and counties from COVID should only be used for those directly negatively financially impacted by it including workers who lost jobs, businesses deemed non-essential, etc!

@the real JohnQPublic

Hey cops, this is where you will find the drugs. Go sick the dogs on them.

Ms Spitfire

Not all homeless are drug users. Ignorance is bliss!


Do you want your kids hanging around a homeless camp? Would you want your business next door to a homeless camp? Would you want to live next to a homeless camp? Bet you wouldn’t. Bleeding hearts from those who it will never effect.

Leftist Simps

No, some are pedophiles, some have severe mental problems, rapist, thief's, alcoholics, runaways, (yes even some are kids) destitute families, and some actually prefer that life style. The reasons they are homeless vary.

Build it and they will come, then it will grow and overfill.


Well said Mam

stinky stew

looks to me like the tax payers of "moses hole " have zero voice in this. In a decently ran place this camp would be voted on by people-- the voters say via voteto the city-- do as WE say --- not the other way around. - i have the memory of an elephant-- last fall on king 5 news- there was a article about huge increases in budget for 1 way bus tickets. approx one million dollars


CARES Act finds and COVID funds?? That’s a bunch of crap!! That money should be spent on people that have lost their jobs, not those that don’t want to work. I deal with a lot of these people. Have for years. Same people. They don’t want to work!!


So Moses Lake, like Seattle and Portland will become the "crazy cat lady" of cites too. Lol! The people don't want this insanity! Take them all outside of city limits and tell them not to come back.


its a grant! And I woukd much rather have homeless in a designated spot then on the bridge or in the parks or across from whem Im eating lunch...and its only from 9pm to 6 am so hopefully they can find a frickin job!......next step NO MORE BEGGING BY WINCO or anywhere else, Im sick of that shit...from the lefty that is close the the middle


Well, that’s just the sober lefty. Few wine coolers and the far left radical comes out in you.


Hey I told you to bring me whiskey your the guy who showed up with two boxes of Sangria


Agreed this is not wanted by the citizens of this county. This is due to Grant County making an agreement with Seattle to start taking their homeless. Also the funds reported to be used are not for paying for that lease or creating that camp.


We don't want this! We don't want to pay the taxes after the funding runs out! We don't want to enable homelessness! CITIZENS DO NOT WANT THIS!!!!!!!


Typical Moses lake! The city's lust for$$$ far outweighs the citizens concerns.

Leftist Simps

Moses Lake turning into the city of Seattle? They take COVID funds and spend it on a homeless camp?

Prediction: NOV 2021: Crime rate sores in Moses lake. City council replaced.

The Rural Realist

Notice they don't mention the medical services building. Nor do they mention the kitchen staff. Nor do they talk about the laundry service. Nor do the mention the cleaning service that is going to clean the toilets. No mention of the grounds keeping.

#alleviation of personal responsibility

Biden 2020. Inslee 2021


Trump 2020. Culp 2020

The Rural Realist


You do realize when I list in my posts biden2020 inslee2021 that I am mocking them and the lefty wing liberal mindset right?


Nope I realize you have switched teams but dont want to tell your friends! Its ok I will keep your secret.......shhhhhhhhh!

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