MLPD wreck

MOSES LAKE - A Moses Lake police officer was involved in a minor collision Monday morning while responding to a call.

The collision occurred around 11:30 a.m. at the five corners intersection along South Pioneer Way. 

Officer Tyler St. Onge was on East Fifth Avenue, heading toward South Pioneer Way, with his lights and siren activated while heading to a fight in progress, according to the Grant County Sheriff’s Office.

St. Onge slowed at the five corners intersection to allow traffic to stop. A driver in a Toyota Camry, heading north on Pioneer Way, reportedly failed to yield and the two vehicles collided in the intersection.

St. Onge was not hurt. The other driver did go to Samaritan Hospital as a precaution as the driver's side airbags were deployed.

The sheriff’s office continues to investigate the wreck.

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Funny Rabbits.. I love how you talk when you really don't have a clue.. Why don't you RESEARCH the rules and procedures before you post and look stupid. Maybe there is a difference between a right of way being given and an expectation of passing through an intersection ONLY when it is safe to do so..

By the comments given a cop could turn on their lights and siren blow a town intersection at 50 miles an hour.. The long answer is NO that's not allowed.. It's why the story was written the way it was to try to defend against a lawsuit..


I appears to me Rural isn't much of a Realist.

The Rural Realist

I love how it's automatically the "other" drivers fault because he failed to yeild. The police are always right. The police are never at fault. The police are always given the Benefit of the doubt. What a joke.


Well correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t we supposed to stop and pull to the right when we hear sirens? What if it was an ambulance with someone who was critical on their way to the hospital? Either way, you hear sirens you slow down or get out of the way not keep going! Pretty hard to blame it on the police officer.


Who do you think has the right of way in an intersection when a police officer arrives with his lights and siren going? why should he have lights and siren in the first place if you expect him to simply follow the standard traffic signals? Of course it was the other guy's fault.

The Rural Realist

You consistently make the dumbest and most ignorant comments on this sight. No EMS personal has the right to simply careen through intersections oblivious to conditions around them. It has been proven time and time again in court. All EMS providers have a fall under the statutory called "duty of care" which clearly outlines their rights and responsibilities don't allow them to plow through intersections without no regard for other drivers just because their lights are on. Get a clue. You are the dumbest SOB on this forum. Read. Learn. Think. Engage your brain before your mouth.


I said the same thing and "They" deleted my comment.. Just because I AGAIN told them to research what they say before they post it and look the fool..

Police aren't given magic do nothing wrong wands.. They cannot just say I had sirens and lights going and can blow through an intersection at 50 MPH.. they have to stop and make sure the controlled intersection is clear.. But it can get complex.. At least nobody got hurt and MLPD didn't jump out of the car and start blasting away saying they feared the other drive was trying to kill them..


He didn't simply careen through the intersection. He slowed to see if it was clear, then proceeded. He complied with duty of care. The other car shouldn't have been where it was. Look at the damage on the other car. That's a very low-speed impact. People need to get out of the way of emergency vehicles with lights and sirens on.


As I said it can be complex but everyone was writing how immediately it was "of course it was the other guys fault".. NO, Lights and Sirens in that case only "ask" for the Right of Way and it is the emergency responder's responsibility to slow down and proceed through an intersection only as may be necessary for safe operation.

Who is truly responsible? I don't know but it's not "automatic" that Cops can do no wrong..


Opinions: don't know who removed your comment, but if it was like most of the rest of what you've been posting, it probably wasn't respectful. I don't need to research right-of-way laws. In this case, the other driver should have yielded. Do you dispute that? And if the other driver had yielded, would there have been an accident?


@cheb. Actually as I said emergency vehicle right of way rules are complex but in most cases when an emergency vehicle goes through a controlled intersection Police are mandated to only proceed when safe to do so.. I DOUBT the other driver purposefully drive into the way of an emergency vehicle.. So if either vehicle had yielded there would not have been an accident. But everyone just assumes that the civilian is automatically at fault and the Cops have all the rights -- In this case that is not necessarily the case.

Please note I am not advocating not yielding to ANY emergency vehicle and I believe everyone wants emergency vehicle to get to where they are going safety so please yield to all emergency vehicles.

On a side note about me being respectful: I am tired of posting comments respectfully when people are selfishly running their mouths.. MOST of the time without even knowing what they are talking about and almost certainly never showing any compassion or understanding..


"Selfishly running their mouths." Is it selfish for people to disagree with you? If they don't know what they're talking about (and I have to say, you frequently have the same issue) then educate them. Don't call them stupid, or go all aggro on them. If you do that, chances are someone's going to flag your post. And in case you didn't notice, the FIRST post related to this story was someone who assumed that the other driver was NOT at fault. I don't know who this "everyone" you discuss is, but those of us who seem to be siding with the officer are actually responding to someone who wrote: "I love how it's automatically the "other" drivers fault because he failed to yeild. The police are always right. The police are never at fault. The police are always given the Benefit of the doubt. What a joke." We were trying to explain how in this case, it does appear that the police were right.

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