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MOSES LAKE - Adhering to recommendations made by the Grant County Health District, Moses Lake educators have scratched in-person learning plans for the third day in a row. Hazards posed by thick smog generated by wildfires prompted the school district to reduce learning to remote-only Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week. Earlier in the week, air quality was in the ‘hazardous’ to ‘very unhealthy’ range, but has since diminished to ‘healthy.’

“While we are eager to welcome your children back to school, we are also committed to providing a safe and healthy school environment for your child. Due to the poor air quality conditions in Moses Lake with no foreseeable improvement projected in the next 24 hours, the Moses Lake School District will operate on a Remote Learning Day, Wednesday, September 16th. This means that all students and staff will participate in remote learning activities. No on-campus instruction will occur,” the district stated on its website.

MLSD administrators say the threshold in allowing students to return in in-person learning is an Air Quality Indication reading of ‘200’ or less at the start of the day. The air quality reading in Moses Lake was ‘193’ Monday afternoon. Air quality typically improves in the afternoons when the atmospheric inversion lifts.

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Smoke...Covid..Arsonists...Global warming.


cannot compute


So, they will close school for smoke but not for Covid19.

Stfu deplorables

Been around for 175 years, first time ever endorsing a POTUS candidate....those pesky Scientists and their blasted science!!

Obey Your Master

But but but . . . . Scientific American isn't "real" science, as approved by radical junk science peddlers . . . because it's "controlled" by the alien reptilian liberal conspiracy . . . and . . . it can't be believed because it doesn't follow the teachings of Our Messiah Donald Trump.


Obey Your Master

Pop your head outside and smell the desperation of Radical Republicans watching their dream of a New Confederacy die in flames.

@the real JohnQPublic

All I smell is liberal shit, wafting over the mountains and infecting God's country.


@trJQP Uh, you know there is no god, right? The Earth is round, too.


No God, huh?! Get used to these fires, then. Thats an irony that you won’t be able to escape.


Yes, yes. God is going to keep on sending fire. Probably to punish y'all for supporting an abomination for a president, but as it's said, mysterious ways and all that. I often wonder how many of you believers really, actually believe? It would seem to me that an actual, pious believer wouldn't express glee over the plight of their political opponents. Wouldn't use playground taunts to describe those they don't like (Libtards? Really?). Wouldn't turn their face to the disaster that is unfolding before our very eyes (oh, right. Since it's all part of god's plan it's OK that we're destroying the planet. Hallelujah!).

It would also seem to me that the truly faithful wouldn't ignore the heinous actions of Trump. Grab 'em by the pussy. Skank. Nah, you guys don't care. I bet you'd care if I called your wife a skank, though, or grabbed your daughter... oops, can't go there. This guy actually has morals.

And, since you folks somehow seem to conflate patriotism with faith, I can't get my head around how you turn a blind eye to Trump's treatment of the military. Hell, you won't even respond when presented with a documented list of his transgressions. The usual cast of characters were there, I KNOW you all saw it, but you conveniently ignored the post by Dr.Zaius on September 10th... Support our troops indeed. Nah, screw 'em, god will take care of them.

The list goes on and on. You're either a bunch of hypocrites or closet atheists. Either way at least one of you is going to get mad and start hurtling insults, so I'd better go grab a box of tissues. Y'know, 'cause us snowflakes are soooo sensitive.


Hey JohnQ, I'm curious as to your theory that these wildfires somehow prove there is a God, can you expand your idea a bit?

@the real JohnQPublic're incorrectly connecting two things that aren't. If that's how you need to be shown there is a God, I can't help you with that.

@the real JohnQPublic

There sure is a God. I hope you can know him in your life. I will pray for you.


Take your meds.


You use the very same terms that are used to describe the current Democrat socialists or the Alt-lefts history. Typical see through tactics. In the end it never works but it's funny to watch you try.

I just have one question, how are you gonna manage your disappointment when Trump actually wins?

Please dont hurt yourself, society maybe better off but I think it's always better to have a living reminder of people like you to help us see how easily weak minded people can be part of a real evil cult. One that has a record of killing 100 million people.

Dont bother asking the opposite, you and I both know it's not happening.

Ok..that was alot. Please dont be mad but I will be far to busy to come back and finish our conversations. In fact I wont be on Ifiber at all.

One more thing before I go, can you just stick to one account instead of bouncing back and fourth between the 3 or 4 you use. Its makes you look like you have dissociative identity disorder.

Good luck! I really mean that

@the real JohnQPublic

Don't do it. I get a kick out of your screen name.


I find Republicans cry more than liberals. And I'm non biased. Biggest bunch of entitled cry babies.

@the real JohnQPublic

ML is at 280. That's not listed as healthy. It's as unhealthy as the liberal agenda being foisted on our kids via forced sex ed and the liberal mindset.


No.."the agenda" is far worse. Fatal in fact.

@the real JohnQPublic

I'm just trolling hooks to see who I can catch. Should be fun.


Sorry, couldn't resist.


Its cute when the shit posting trolls interact with each other.


If your gonna lob softballs over the plate . . . isn't education about Trump's right to "forced sex" part of your cult indoctrination?

Or, was Stormy forcing herself to endure sex with Trump for money setting the example for female cult members to prostitute themselves? After all, in Trumpworld, *everything* is for sale.

@the real JohnQPublic

Trump is going to win the election and keep us from being a democrat led society. Not that it really has much to do with day-to-day life, but it's fun to think of all those people who will cry about it.


Yes, the mentally unstable new york celebrity that pretended to be a republican is going to save the nation. Trumptards crack me up.

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