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MOSES LAKE - The Moses Lake School District has been notified of “a few” positive cases of COVID-19 within the district.

The school district has not indicated the number of confirmed cases or if the cases are district employees or students.

“We are working quickly in conjunction with the health department to notify all individuals and cohorts believed to have been exposed or in contact with COVID-positive persons,” school district officials stated.

Individuals or cohorts that are notified of possible exposure to the virus will be required to quarantine.

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Land of the Free?

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Land of the Free?

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@the real JohnQPublic

I find it interesting that this information is kept quite under HIPAA laws, which excludes the general public from knowing more information so that we can protect ourselves. HOWEVER, under the guise of the 'greater good' we can be unilaterally restricted from going about our lives. It's as if the government is exerting control over us for our 'own good.'

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