Vantage Bridge

VANTAGE - A motorcyclist was hospitalized after crashing on Interstate 90 near the Vantage Bridge Friday afternoon.

Russell J. Harris, 48, was riding a 2008 Harley-Davidson west on I-90 about 2:50 p.m., approaching the Vantage Bridge, when he reportedly failed to negotiate the 50 mph curve and lost control of the bike, according to the Washington State Patrol.

Harris struck the jersey wall on the inside median.

State troopers reported Harris was airlifted to Confluence Health-Central Washington Hospital for his injuries.

Harris was cited for wheels off the roadway and no motorcycle endorsement.

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I witnessed the accident. I was about ten cars back at the time of the crash. Mr. Harris passed us on top of the hill leading down to the vantage bridge. He was driving fine and not too fast. It seemed that he just went a little wide in the sharp turn entering the bridge and struck the wall. There were three vehicles following him fast in the left lane and I wonder if they were pressuring him to go faster. I sure hope he is recovering well.

@the real JohnQPublic

Don't outride your ability! Daydreaming while riding can really bite you in the ass.

Elora Powell-Harris

So can Trump but it looks like you’re already so far up his that you can’t tell, come to the light and maybe you’ll notice something other than the smell of your upper lip.

@the real JohnQPublic

Ma'am, you need to get ahold of yourself. I'm sorry your dad crashed. I don't wish a motorcycle crash on anyone.

But if you want to bring politics into this, you're in the wrong place. Trump can bite you in the ass? Is that what you're getting at?

@the real JohnQPublic

Alright, smartass, why don't you ask him why he didn't have a motorcycle endorsement? You know the one: it's the minimum basic safety standards that WA state requires to operate a licensed motorcycle on public highways. One is required to demonstrate the ability to control the motorcycle and abide by the rules of the road.

Here's a link in case he wants to start studying:


What have we learned here? Don't buy a Harley.

Elora Powell-Harris

What have we learned here? Keep your nose out of business you’re not associated with and leave my father alone.


Because Goldwings have lane-assist and airbags, right?

@the real JohnQPublic

Unfortunately, motorcycle manufacturers have added features that correct for rider errors. ABS, traction control, other crap like that which allow you to outride your ability and have a computer potentially save your ass. Since he struck the inside median, I'll assume he either leaned in too far or the wind blew him into the inside median, but that also means he might have been too close if it was too windy. I don't ride, but I've seen plenty of motorcycle crashes. Responding to car wrecks isn't a good day for anyone.


You lost me at "I don't ride, but..." You're tossing out an awful lot of "expertise" for someone who doesn't ride.

@the real JohnQPublic

You've never been the US President, nor the governor of WA but you have a lot of 'expertise' on how things should be run in this state. Ergo, your opinion(s) is/are also invalidated.


I've got 35 years of riding experience. You apparently have zero. No one on this site has every been the Governor. If Jay Inslee came on this site and told me I was full of crap because I had never been in his shoes, I'd listen.

@the real JohnQPublic

I'm going to start calling you Ifiber-Karen, because you get incensed by everything that didn't come out of your brain.

You've never been in Inslee's shoes and your full of crap, Ifiber-Karen. It's inconceivable to you anyone can understand what might happen in a crash having never been in one. And I can't know anything about motorcycle safety features because I only read about them or know people who ride and tell me about these safety features. This is why you have so little credibility, Ifiber-Karen, because you're intolerant of others. Just another tyipcal liberal democrap snowflake.


Ok Gretchen. You see if you can get the other "Mean Girls" to make fetch happen. I ride. You don't. No one wants to hear your forensic analysis of an accident that you didn't see based on your assumptions about how a bike should be ridden. Let me ask you this: if a gust of wind pushes you toward the center Jersey barrier, what should you do with the handlebars?


I am he survived many of my friends over the years have not been so fortunate. I hope he gets an endorsement the test issn't hard if you know how to ride.

Elora Powell-Harris

Neither is a spelling test but in this you look like you failed the whole thing and someone wasn’t smart enough to not give you a phone so you wouldn’t make a fool of yourself for the way you spell on here, or maybe it’s the fact that you can’t just leave stuff alone so you drowned yourself in someone else’s gossip and type so like an illegitimate child who doesn’t know how to read.

stinky stew

I am 61. started at 6. Dirt bikes. No broken bones- had the wind knocked out of me a few times, sudden gust of gravity on switch backs- narly trails ya know-- the good stuff trails. I take a thousand times more risk driving on the highways with the dirt bikes in back of truck than actually hammering out epic trails & breaking new trails on the dirt bikes. There is no way i would ever ride a bike on public highways. period. I would however ride a race bike on a paved proper race track.


What have we learned here children? Learn to ride a motorcycle, get your endorsement and keep your wheels on the roadway.

Elora Powell-Harris

Funny that you say children because did you ever think the daughter of the father that crashed on this roadway would be reading it just to see what people with nothing better in their life to do just posting stupid comments mocking it?


Would you want people leaving snarky comments on an article of a bike crash if it was about you?


I think I've learned that you won't ever miss a chance to rub salt in someone's wounds. Were you there? Did you see what happened? I've been hit by huge gusts of wind in that stretch of highway and had my bike completely change its center of gravity. Fact is, only the rider knows what happened.

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