MOSES LAKE- Busy this summer and looking for a day camp for your kids? The City of Moses Lake just started a new day camp program last year. The Explorers day camp program is now doing very well in its second year.

Explorers is held in The Learning Center at 701 E Penn Street, near Fairchild Cinema in Moses Lake. Kids ages 5-13 have fun spending time with other kids, playing games and going on field trips. Several of the kids who attend enjoy their time there.

"My favorite part about day camp is all of the field trips we go on throughout the summer," A couple of girls said. "Like the water park, and the library, the movies and the community garden."

"It's just been really great," a boy said. "They'll give us lunch, they'll give us snacks and breakfast... We go on field trips and it's just really fun."

Amy Turner is the site manager this year after being a lead teacher in the program's inaugural summer. She believes day camp is important for kids who would otherwise be doing nothing.

"I think this program is super essential because they're not just sitting at home, watching TV, or their phones or whatever," Turner said. "They're here, we're doing field trips, we're doing Stem activities, we're doing crafts."

It’s not too late to enroll your kid in the program, even up to the day of, given the class isn’t at its max capacity of 40 at that time. Recreation Supervisor, Carrie Hoiness, has been a big motivator to get the program going and she hopes to see Explorers get even bigger and become incorporated in the updated Larson Recreation Center, which was just approved for renovations.

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