Newhouse and Murray

WASHINGTON -- Moses Lake’s Congressional Representative Dan Newhouse backed President Trump’s State of the Union speech Tuesday night. Newhouse issues the following statement after the president’s much anticipated speech:

“In his second State of the Union, President Trump made a call for greatness, laying out a vision for our country that we can accomplish if we come together to address the issues that matter most to Americans,” said Rep. Newhouse. “Enhanced border security, implementing immigration reform, fostering economic prosperity, negotiating a level playing field for international trade, improving our infrastructure, and addressing skyrocketing prescription drug costs are top concerns for our nation. In the face of recent late-term abortion extremism, President Trump made a powerful appeal to the nation to protect unborn children as well as newborn infants. Our society must live up to our values by defending the defenseless. In a divided government, we must be able to come together on solutions to the problems our country faces and end politically-motivated obstruction. When we work together, we can accomplish major victories - such as last year’s bipartisan criminal justice reform and historic investments in ending the opioid epidemic. I look forward to working with President Trump and my colleagues from both sides of the aisle to continue to make progress on behalf of Central Washington.”

This year’s State of the Union speech was forcibly postponed after it was denied by Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi due to the partial government shutdown.

Shortly following the address, senior United States Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), issued the following response to President Trump’s speech to the nation:

"Tonight, with millions watching his State of the Union address, President Trump had an opportunity to finally put aside the divisive partisanship and hateful fear-mongering, and instead present a new vision for ending the chaos in D.C. and bringing our country back together.

Of course, as we saw in his speech, the President didn’t do that. Instead, he chose to double down on the dysfunction, complete with false claims, finger-pointing, and empty promises.

Despite what he tried to claim tonight, President Trump’s actions are making health care more expensive, politicizing women’s health, and handing out tax cuts to the wealthy at workers’ expense. His unnecessary government shutdown played politics with the livelihoods of federal workers and their families and his wasteful border wall would cost taxpayers billions of dollars.

People in Washington state and across the nation are sick and tired of this reality show presidency. They want President Trump to finally be a leader for everyone, not just his far-right base. But after this speech, it’s clearer than ever that he’s continuing to pander to extreme members of his party rather than work on policies that help women, workers, seniors, veterans and the middle class.

Tonight’s address was a giant step backwards. We now know with even more certainty that we can’t count on President Trump to make progress for the American people. It’s up to us to fight back against the Trump agenda and get this country that we love back on track."

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We Love Moses Lake

Patty Murray's 25+ years in the US Senate is a very sad commentary on cronyism and cowardice. When she arrived in 1993, she had the opportunity to stand out as a being different ...along the lines of Scoop Jackson or Warren G. Magnuson.
Instead ...she's just been another hack politician ...sad.


Poor Patty, bless her heart. I really didn't expect her to make a rational assessment of the speech but I was glad to see her climb down off of Shumer's lap long enough to mouth an in-coherent statement lacking any kind of factual argument.

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