Dan Newhouse

Grant County’s congressional representative publicly reacted to a classified military briefing after Iran’s missile attack on U.S. military bases in Iraq this week. After Friday’s U.S.-led attack that killed Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, Newhouse expressed his support for the decision to kill Soleimani despite there being other casualties.

Newhouse released the following statement after the strike:

“Qasem Soleimani was an enemy of the United States, and his death signifies American strength against his threats, attacks, and acts of global terrorism. President Trump acted decisively to defend America. I am grateful to the men and women of the U.S. military and intelligence community who helped successfully carry out this mission to protect our country and our allies. I will be carefully monitoring the situation as it plays out.”

On Wednesday, the Trump administration briefed members of congress about military plans following Iran’s retaliatory hit on U.S. airbases in Iraq.

“This week, President Trump took action to promote peace through strength and demonstrate to the world that the United States will not stand for Iranian terrorist threats or actions like those of Soleimani and the Iranian regime. Our military is the best in the world, and they stand ready to protect and defend our country and our allies against threats and violence.

I am grateful for the Administration briefing my colleagues and me this afternoon. There were no casualties among American soldiers or Iraqi security forces resulting from Iran’s retaliatory strikes, and while it appears threats of retaliation have subsided, Congress must stay vigilant and informed should further action by the U.S. be required.

The actions of this past week make clear: Our nation should be united in our gratitude for our courageous troops and intelligence personnel who are keeping our citizens safe.  I will not support a War Powers resolution that weakens the American military or hinders our ability to fight against murderous terrorist leaders. The U.S. should continue to fulfill its reputation as an international force to be reckoned with while we work to promote peace throughout the Middle East.”

Newhouse’s Democratic counterpart, 8th District Congresswoman Kim Schrier appeared indifferent about the scenario that’s been unfolding in the middle east, but she did agree that Soleimani was indeed a threat to America.

“Qassim Soleimani was without question an enemy of the US, with American blood on his hands. Managing the multiple threats posed by Iran and its proxies requires diplomatic finesse, coordination with our allies, and an appreciation for unintended consequences. The repercussions of last night’s air strikes will play out in the coming days and weeks. Congress must be briefed on the imminent threat that prompted the air strikes, and the American public deserves to hear whether there is a coherent strategy in the region. After nearly two decades at war, we can’t risk stumbling into another endless conflict that destabilizes the region and threatens the lives of American troops.”

Democrats reportedly told the media that the Trump administration failed to justify the deadly hit on Soleimani while Republican lawmakers who exited the briefing said presented information showed that the killing of the Iranian commander was the only option.

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Get Your Facts Straight That Action Has Put All Of Us In The USA In Jeopardy Why Do You Think The Rest Of The Countries In The World Are Reacting, "Exceped Russa"... You Have Lost My Vote. And The Vote Of Every Vets Vote That I Know.

Wash girl


Spend your time advocating for the future of our country. How dare you insult our intelligence here in USA and our fellow nations by your foolish allegiance. You are terribly confused.

est PNW509

What a joke

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