MOSES LAKE - One new case of COVID-19 was confirmed Friday in Moses Lake, bringing Grant County’s total to 198 confirmed cases.

An estimated 96 cases are pending test results. Of the 198 confirmed cases, two patients are currently hospitalized and 106 are now listed as recovered, according to the Grant County Health District.

Confirmed cases by city:

  • Coulee City: 0
  • Ephrata: 16
  • Grand Coulee/Electric City: 2
  • Mattawa: 48
  • Moses Lake: 37
  • Rural Othello (within Grant County): 1
  • Quincy: 73
  • Royal City: 12
  • Soap Lake: 4
  • Warden: 4

Grant County’s application for a Phase 2 variance was submitted to Washington Secretary of Health John Wiesman on Friday afternoon. Wiesman will review the application over the weekend.

“Grant County believes we have put together a strong application to move to Phase 2,” health district officials stated.

Statewide, more than 19,265 people have tested positive for COVID-19 and at least 1,050 people have died, according to the state Department of Health.

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Wish you luck in moving us in Grant County to phase two. Keep promoting the facial coverings. Very disheartening when you go in the gas station and see 15 people not wearing face coverings and only 3 of us are. Not even the clerks wear them anymore. The face coverings really have been an issue for us in Grant County hasn't it. Looks like we are already in phase two around here so should be no big deal to just announce to the community as a whole. The ones protesting this whole thing are doing whatever they want anyway.

Seriously, Bob?

509er, I could not agree more. We need to realize the longer we refuse to follow smart guidance, the longer it will be before we get back to the new abnormal, whatever that might look like.

Gatherings in parks, houses, everywhere, as well as seeing restaurant workers not wearing masks preparing 'to-go' food, employees at Winco and so many other businesses around the area.

Freedom is one thing, I'm all for it. But disregarding science because it' creates inconvenience, that is not about freedom. That is about selfish.

Please everyone, help each other and think of success as a group not as 'me'.

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