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MOSES LAKE - Witness the creation of the Pacific Northwest landscape through the lens of Spokane photographer and author Timothy Connor at a new gallery opening at the Moses Lake Museum and Art Center March 6.

An opening reception for the “Beautiful Wounds” gallery is set for 5 p.m. on Friday, March 6 at the museum, located at 401 S. Balsam St. Admission is free.

Connor’s work spotlights the dramatic impact of cataclysmic floods that remain evident today, showing the area’s geological past.

“This collection of photographs depicts his personal experience within the landscape as well as a deep passion for geology,” museum officials stated.

“In 2013, I began wandering into this surreal landscape with a heavy heart and a camera,” Connor stated. “I sought and found solace in a terrain that some would dismiss, too quickly, as barren or hostile. It’s difficult to describe the birdsong-inflected tranquility of the vernal sage lands or the nameless wetlands beyond cellular service. It’s harder, still, to find words for why journeys into these expanses and rock-walled cathedrals have been so spiritually replenishing.”

Along with the gallery reception, Nick Zentner, a senior lecturer at Central Washington University, will present a lecture on the new tools used to explore the landforms that are on display in the deserts of eastern Washington.

For more information on the Moses Lake Museum and Art Center, call 509-764-3830.

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