Stolen motorcycle

MOSES LAKE - K9s Chief and Chicka put an end to a man’s apparent attempt to flee on a stolen motorcycle Monday afternoon.

The motorcycle was reported stolen about 6:30 a.m. from a travel trailer kept at storage units on West Prichard Road. The suspect had pried open a side door to the trailer and exited on the motorcycle through a hole cut in the back fence of the storage unit facility, according to Moses Lake police.

About 4:30 p.m. Monday, the owner of the motorcycle located it being ridden out of the Larson Housing community. The owner told police he knew the bike was his because the rider was wearing his daughter’s helmet.

Moses Lake police responded and located the suspect in front of a home on Stone Road. As officers approached, the suspect, identified as 31-year-old Robert Patterson, put a helmet on and moved toward the motorcycle in an apparent attempt to flee, according to Moses Lake police.

With both Moses Lake K9 Chief and Grant County K9 Chicka on scene, Patterson surrendered and was booked into Grant County Jail for burglary and possession of a stolen vehicle. The motorcycle was also returned to its owner.

“This was the second significant call of the day in which GCSO deputies and MLPD officers worked together to take a criminal into custody and make the community safer,” Capt. Mike Williams stated. “Since criminals don’t follow jurisdictional lines, it is good to see our agencies work so well together on a daily basis.”

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