Patriot Day

EPHRATA – The public is invited to a Patriot Day ceremony planned for Sept. 11 in Ephrata.

The annual ceremony is held at 5:15 p.m. on the lawn in front of the Grant County Courthouse.

“The American Legion Family of Art Semro Post and Unit 28 wish to remind everyone that as we go about our lives – young members of our armed forces are fighting the war on terrorism in countless ways,” event organizer Jane Montaney stated. “Just as veterans of earlier generations, today’s men and women in uniform understand our precious freedoms come at a very high price. We also have men and women of our ambulance, fire, police and sheriff departments who give of themselves every day to help protect our freedoms.”

Representatives from local law enforcement and fire agencies have been invited to attend the ceremony, which includes a bell-ringing to remember first responders who died in service, as well as a special portion to bring awareness of Prisoners of War and Missing in Action.

In December 2001, Congress designated Sept. 11 as Patriot Day to remember and honor those who died or were injured in the terrorist attacks.

The Patriot Day ceremony in Ephrata is organized by American Legion Art Semro Post and Unit 28.

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Desert Dweller

It is so important that we not forget the loss and sacrifice of so many. My prayers will be with the families and loved ones of all who suffered or died.


When does the war on domestic terrorism start? Home grown American terrorists have killed more Americans than foreign ones.


I think it started June 14th 2017 when that guy tried to shoot the congressman at the baseball game. Unfortunately I don't think that it will last as long as Afghanistan has.


Tim McVeigh who?!?!?

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