MOSES LAKE - The Moses Lake school board discussed a new proposal Thursday night to redistrict the 11 elementary schools and three middle schools in the fall of 2021.

While the discussion of district boundaries and attendance areas began in October of last year, Thursday was the board’s first look at the proposed mapping changes. The proposal relies on a program called GuideK12, a geo-visual analytic application that merges county parcel information with maps and student enrollment data.

The opening of Groff Elementary in 2021 requires the district to reevaluate school capacities, projected enrollment, geographic proximity and feeder-pattern schools, according to district officials.

“With this proposal, we will have all of our elementary schools below their (enrollment) capacity and prepared for continued growth and increased enrollment,” Superintendent Josh Meek stated.

Currently, four elementary schools — Park Orchard, Garden Heights, Lakeview and Knolls Vista — are over or at 100 percent capacity and another three schools around 90-percent capacity. The redistricting proposal aims for 72-91 percent capacity to help relieve overcrowding and allow for growth.

District officials say the redistricting plan, based on student’s geographic proximity, would help streamline travel and transportation to school.

“We are at an exciting time as a school district to prepare for this significant transition,” Meek stated. “I also recognize the disruption that changing schools can have. However, we are fortunate to have an entire district of schools where great things are happening.”

The proposal will undergo a review by staff for recommendations regarding possible effects on federal programs, transportation and staffing, as well as community feedback. Final recommendations will be presented April 23.

The complete proposal, including redistricting maps can be found here

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Was this the money the population voted in for the new nonexistent high school?

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