QUINCY - Angry American citizens are amplifying the call for justice and equality after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Floyd died in the custody of a Minneapolis police officer early last week.

The widespread public display of protest across the country is prompting police officials to publicly respond to what happened leading up to George Floyd’s demise. Many police officials are denouncing the actions of the officers who handled George Floyd’s arrest. Floyd suffocated to death as a Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck. George Floyd’s arrest was prompted by a convenience store worker who accused Floyd of purchasing a pack of cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill.

The following public statements were released by the police chiefs of Moses Lake and Quincy this week:

Moses Lake Police Chief Kevin Fuhr: 

As a proud member of the law enforcement family for nearly 30 years, watching the events that took place in Minneapolis last week troubled me. The treatment of Mr. Floyd by the Minneapolis police officer is contrary to how officers are trained in Washington State.

In the Moses Lake Police Department we live by a set of Core Values: Professionalism, Integrity, Compassion and Service. Our administration, officers, clerical staff and volunteers treat ALL members of our community using these simple but powerful Core Values. NO person should be judged or treated differently based on their race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, social status or financial situation. We are all members of the human race, we bleed the same color, share the same emotions and should treat each other with kindness, respect and love. We ALL need to be working together to better our communities across this state and Nation.

Quincy Police Chief Kieth Siebert:

The Quincy Police Department understands and supports the right of citizens to peacefully protest. Protests have often led the way to changes in society and laws, creating a better way of life. As it says in my favorite Bible verse 1 John 3:18, “let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth”.

Unfortunately, protests have been used lately to cause havoc, burn businesses and generally disrupt the lives of other citizens. This type of behavior will not be tolerated. We strongly encourage those leading the protest to keep all members in their party from breaking the law. This includes keeping off the travel portion of the roadways and not interfering with traffic in any way.

We also condemn the actions of the officer who knelt on the neck and back of George Floyd, causing his death. His actions were not in-line with established training nor were they in line with what any human should do to another. I lay some blame on the other officers who lacked the courage to stop this tragic event from happening. My heart goes out the family and friends of Mr. Floyd.

We have discussed the death and protests here at the police department, what my expectations are and the history of law enforcement that has led to the feelings of distrust between the African American community and law enforcement. From chasing down runaway slaves to enforcing segregation and, in essence, taking away hope from an entire community, early law enforcement has not exactly upheld the mantel of justice. It is heartbreaking when anybody feels they are not valued.

We are further ahead professionally with State of Washington providing much better training to peace officers than in other parts of the country. Besides the mandatory training, the Quincy Police Department requires much more.

 Below is a short list of classes we provide:

• Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission “Crisis Intervention Team” training; initial 40-hour class followed by yearly 2-hour refresher class

• De-Escalation and Hate Crimes

• Hate Crimes Investigations

• Sexual Harassment

• Bias Based Policing

• Anti-Harassment

• Excited Delirium

• Cultural Awareness & Diversity

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104 B Street SW, Quincy, Washington 98848 • 509.787.4718 • FAX: 509.787.6120

• Racial Profiling

• Anti-Bias Law Enforcement Training

• Autism Training for Law Enforcement

• Mental Health First Aid for Public Service

This list is in addition to the many hours of other training provided. Each officer surpasses the state mandate of 24-hours of training, a number we see as to low. We expect each officer to understand and model our Mission Statement “Committed to Community”. This is visible through both enforcement and our charity work.

In the end, it is our hope we grow as a country and stop ignoring the injustices that continue to occur. We also hope you can continue to trust the Quincy Police Department through our demonstrated love we have for the Quincy Valley.

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It is very sad that reading about law enforcement officers are basically garbage all because of one individual who should have not ever been in law enforcement proffesion with the other 3 has well murdered a black man. Now it does not matter if the individual is a awesome person that cares in the law enforcement. Now hated anyway. Look at these protesters no matter what these protesters hate law enforcement due to crap law enforcement individuals who use badge to abuse and hurting the good individuals who care and not abuse thier badge. No matter what who is in law enforcement they are now hated. Protesters did not go and have a peaceful protest they came in to basically attack law enforcement officers burn vehicles, and looted and broke the law. Now they are told to remove thier tape of badge and have name in public. Now the good law enforcement officers will probably killed because of bad cops in the proffesion. They are hated anyway. All lives matter. What is happening in Seattle really they want to kill these law enforcement officers who are in the proffesion. It is not peaceful they attack and when these officers protect themselves they are condemed for it. They do not have any respect and basically probably 75percent have felonies and broke the law. Prayers are with these good law enforcement officers who now have lives on the line more so than ever because of a white raciest crap Individual who was in law enforcement protected by a high rank that should be accountable knowing how this crap was in the beginning. Good officers will probably be murdered because of it.


I'm so sorry you're hurting Stacy. Regardless of the situation and circumstances, I cannot imagine losing a child. My heart goes out to you. I hope a news agency or investigation show picks up your story if you're willing to talk. And to mr. Wrongo-my-bongos, go away. She can talk however she wants.


This article is laughable Quincy PD and Moseslake PD are the most corrupt. Quincy PD has had Chief after Chief all corrupt, citizens their marched to get them out before. Moseslake PD just had one of their

cops murder a young man even if it was justified which is debatable, they celebrated it! Do youre research before believing this article its all public records. Plus Grant county is infamous for policeing for profit thats why their citizen approval ratings are so low! Their is no trust!


I personally deal with Quincy police. I know many of them. There have been good apples and bad apples there is no doubt. There has been corruption but I believe the same bias that we are trying to eliminate is present in the previous comment. How can we judge the new chief by the last any more than we can one person from another simply by the color of their skin. I have struggled with how things have worked here in Quincy but I have hope. Chief Siebert is a good and honest man. I believe he deserves to be judged by his own actions as well as the transparency that has been lacking in our department. I greatly appreciate his attempt here to show their ideals and attempts to better the department. I hope to continue to see the changes I have seen so far. I also hope that changes will be seen in Moses lake.

We give these men authority to make split second decisions that I do not envy them for. I pray we choose leadership that will give that authority to only those who will use it wisely. As far as trust goes that takes time. I hope it can build for us all over time. Yes it will take time.

Hundreds of officers have been injured across the nation for a crime they did not commit just as Mr Floyd lost his life frivolously. What we really need is a cleaning where officers who should not be trusted with the above mentioned authority are released but on the other hand where do they find enough officers to keep us all safe to replace those officers? It seems that the position is impossible trying to fill positions to fill routes and jobs but getting rid of even the questionable. All of the departments locally are short officers. I don’t have the answers but if anyone does maybe they should do more about it.

Again I hope we can make some changes to the underlying problems not just talk or even protest but be a part of the solution.


Actually Chief Siebert is being judged for his present actions for not weeding out the crooked cops that still work for Quincy PD. I am a resident of Quincy and I see the problem that still persist not only in our town but across the United States that "Cops protect each other right or wrong"! Chief Siebert has had the chance to look into certain allegations on various cases of officers involved in illegal search and seizures, items missing from evidence lockers still an issue and racial profiling on our Mexican citizens. Quincy still has not changed we still have had shootings one after another and still no arrests. I do see officers still policeing for profit especially on our Mexican migrant workers. What ever happened to giving warnings instead of a 100+ ticket for any minor infraction Cops where there to help long ago but all that is lost now. Another example my neighbors truck was stolen with all her tools Quincy cops came took less than five minutes and nothing was done. My truck was hit by some car same thing nothing was done! Another person I know from Quincy told me he had his trailer parked in front of his house was to tired to drive it up into his driveway, Cops hit him with a get it up into the driveway or get it towed away gave him 24hr ticket to move it. My point here is that Quincy cops are not keeping the community safe focused more on giving citizens a hard time than helping out. Chief Siebert still protects cops that are still committing these acts that is why Chief Siebert is no different from the past Chiefs! When I start to see Chief Siebert punish his own for wrong doing and making more arrest on violent crimes is when citizens will begin to trust this department. Citizens have stopped calling the cops for help or reporting because nothing is done. Which leads me to my question do we really need cops or can we police ourselves? Cops in position of power for too long become corrupt!


That's crazy because just 3 months ago a moses lake police officer nicholas stwert shot my son in the back of the as my son was RUNNING AWAY fromu him he said he was in fear of his life bullshit why in the fuck would you be in fear of your life if he was RUNNING AWAY from you. Not only did my son get shot and killed over a dog getting shot witch is still alive but the low life piece of shit mother fuckers had a fucking parade and asked my family not to go into town for a couple hours because of the parade for the dog talk about a kick in the face FUCK You officer Nicholas stwert how you can walk around with your head held up is unbelievable. I would kill myself if I ever took a young man's life. You took my baby boy away from me you could have shot him in the leg arm buttcheeck but you shot him in the head


Stacy, I don’t know if you’ll read this but I have to try. First of all my deepest condolences. You don’t know me so I know that means little to you but I mean it I don’t think there is anything harder in the world than loosing a child especially in that kind of manner. I’d like to ask a couple questions and please watch your language so I can get back and read your response before it gets flagged. I’m honestly interested in your view. The first will be more meaningful. Why do you believe that your son decided not to be taken into custody? Meaning why did he decide to run and fire on the officer instead of making his fight with words and with a lawyer beside him? Second and this I think will be harder for you to answer honestly due to the emotion that is tied to it but again I’m interested to see your view point. Had you or your son been in the position of the officer. Chasing a subject and he began firing at you or at him shot the k9 officer that you or he was with. How do you believe that should have been handled? Again please focus on the first because I really feel you’re feelings there can help us all understand the weaknesses in the system and where they stem from.


Just leave it alone cant believe you how you can question someone that is grieving. I will answer it which is he was scared, their should be no question on that and he shot because he was defending himself from a threat by a dog. Violence was brought first by the dog advancing close behind about to maul him. Only one shot was fired at the dog and he continued to run. Officer shot five times aiming for his head and shot him in the back of the head. Dont you think if he was scared for his life he would have got cover behind something instead of advancing for revenge! His actions show anger and for sure a act of revenge just remember he shot once at the dog while officer fired 5 times while suspect continued to runaway! Watch the video I cant believe he is freed and not in jail for first degree murder. Here is my question Is it right for someone to celebrate the murder of someone right after you kill them? That question alone shows how evil this department is its an insult to injury to the family! Is a dog really worth the life of a human dog? If my dog bites someone for attacking someone and he shoots him and I kill him bet I would be in jail. The officer should have took cover if he was really in danger thats my final response to your questions but think about the ones I ask you.


There is a lot of reasons why I could see my son shotting the dog. Was my son in the wrong for shotting the dog yes he was. My son was no saint my son did some messed up stuff. He was sick and needed help not to be shot and killed when and if my son really did shot the dog officer Nicholas stwert then took the matter personally and you can not do that that night could have had a better outcome had they done there job. If you would like to hear the hole story the truth 509-714-1569 feel free to call or text I will tell you all of it and you will understand where I'm coming from


Uhhh, how about you clean up your language here!

Seriously, Bob?

Wrongo - You can kind of kiss Stacy's as*. Don't read it if you don't want to read it.

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