Quincy Jr. High Math Teacher Karli Jaeckel and her 8th graders orchestrated an impactful video on bullying. Mrs. Jaeckel’s 8th grade students conveyed the need to combat bullying in a survey during advisory period several weeks ago. Mrs. Jaeckel said comments in the survey recalled bullying incidents that resonated with some students. Vivid details about those occurrences inspired Mrs. Jaeckel and her students to take action by making a video about it. The girl mostly talking in the video is 8th Grader Evelyn Ortega who says she’s encountered bullying first hand and that alone inspired her to write the script.

"My inspiration was my own experience with bullying and how I was hurt by the people who made comments about me and what I did to people too. After I was bullied, I started bullying myself and then I stopped (bullying) because I realized what they were going through, I had lived before," said Ortega.

Mrs. Jaeckel says she’s proud of Evelyn and everyone who participated in the video, "For having students at the school that are willing to take on such big topics and show how passionate they are about anti-bullying was so cool for me to see. The scenes are very believable and they took it very seriously."

Evelyn says the video has encouraged a more positive atmosphere at school. 

The Quincy Jr. High anti-bullying video can be seen in its entirety below...

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