Quincy Mayor Paul Worley

QUINCY - Quincy’s once-booming economy appears to be in limbo as dozens of local entrepreneurs ponder whether they’ll be able to continue on as business owners. Quincy Mayor Paul Worley issued a call-to-action in supporting town’s small business sector on Wednesday.

“Now is the time during this pandemic the City is looking into ways to assist our small businesses. We encourage the community to turn to our small businesses and boost them up. Instead of shopping other communities, shop locally. Quincy has grocery stores that offer a wide variety of groceries. Order take out from one of our various restaurants throughout town. If you haven’t tried food from a local restaurant, now’s the time to try it. Pick up flowers or a gift from our local flower shops. Call down to our local wine and beer tasting rooms and see if you can make an order to pick up. Instead of going out of town to the big box hardware stores, try stopping in at one of the local hardware stores, you’d be surprised at what they have, and you’ll probably even enjoy their friendly service,” Worley wrote in his public address letter.

Worley added that he hopes to have more information available in coming weeks on ways small businesses may be able to obtain assistance through the city.

“Remember, Quincy’s small businesses are the heart of our community and we, the City, stand behind you during these hard and uncertain times. We ask that the rest of the community stand up with us and help push our small businesses forward through this pandemic,” Worley added.

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