EPHRATA - Whether it's funding for school or a fire department, all the levies up for a vote in February’s special election are passing in Chelan and Douglas counties.

In Chelan County, Cashmere School District’s educational programs operations levy is passing by a convincing margin of over 65%.

Entiat School District’s renewal of an expiring educational and programs operations levy has over 58% of the "yes" vote. However, Entiat School District’s bonds for health, safety and infrastructure improvements is failing with only 57% of the vote. Bonds require a supermajority to pass, meaning 60% or more of the vote.

Lake Wenatchee Fire Department’s levy for fire protection and emergency services saw staunch approval with an 80% favorable margin.

Lake Chelan School District’s replacement educational programs and operations levy has a 63% approval rate between voters in Chelan and Douglas counties. That same school district can expect incoming funds from its replacement capital levy for educational technology improvements. Nearly 65% of the vote swung in favor of the measure between the two counties.

Levies specific to Douglas County included the Mansfield School District’s expiring maintenance and operations levy, which saw over 75% voter approval. 62% of voters favored Orondo School District’s renewal of an expiring educational programs and operations levy.

Just shy of 63% of voters gave a thumbs up to Waterville School District’s renewal of an expiring educational programs and operations levy.

Overall results for Bridgeport’s educational district shows a passing educational programs and operations levy with a 55.65% "yes’"vote.

Overall, 57% approval rate is enough to pass Brewster’s educational programs and operations levy.

In Grant County, Quincy’s hospital district is getting support with about 62% a the voting population voting in favor of Proposition 1. After a several failures in elections-past, the Quincy Valley Medical Center will apparently get the financing it needs to pay down the debt it owes to the county at a more accelerated rate.

Mattawa’s Community Medical Center (Grant County Hospital District 5) has a proposition that’s failing garnering just over 46% of the vote. Medical Center Director Dana Fox says funds from the proposition would have generated the money needed to pay back registered warrants issued by the county.

The levy put out for a vote in the Wahluke School District is passing with an approval percentage just over 50.

The levy for Coulee-Hartline’s school district is passing by a large margin of over 73%.

Royal School District’s replacement levy is passing with 59.77% voter approval.

Wilson Creek’s school district will get some funding from a voter-approved levy thanks to a 79% "yes" margin.

Douglas County had the highest voter turnout with nearly 38% of the registered voting population casting ballots. Chelan County saw 33% voter turnout and Grant County saw just under 30% of its citizens partake in the special election. 

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