REC Silicon Moses Lake

Photo: Kevin Roylance

MOSES LAKE - Sunday’s announcement by China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) might tame some of the optimism tied to the new China-US trade deal that was signed last week.

MOFCOM announced that it would extend tariffs on imports of solar-grade polysilicon from the US and South Korea for another five years, effective January 20, 2020.

The announcement was anticipated by the US. The anti-dumping duty is set at 57% for REC Silicon. However, REC officials don’t expect the announcement to affect or change China’s commitment to purchase solar-grade polysilicon from the US under the terms of the Phase 1 Trade Agreement.

On Monday, REC Silicon emphasized that there’s no decision about a re-start of the Moses Lake facility at this time.

REC officials say they’ll need to assess the market for solar grade polysilicon.

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Wash girl

Amazing how REC has sustained this long through such a trial. I appreciate how they treated me. Was such good money for our local economy and I worked hard, made a great income. For a single mother, this was devastating to lose. I believe this was forthcoming earlier than Trump, but he certainly clinched the deal, and not in our favor.


At least Trump is trying. Obama got the tariffs enacted, and refused to work with us on getting them reduced. We got no help until Trump took office.

Comment deleted.

And the steel industry still hasn't bounced back. It's unlikely that it ever will. Leave a plant idle too long and it becomes obsolete. REC is a cutting-edge factory, and these tariffs are keeping that factory from being competitive. I know some of these "cry babies." They moved here, bought houses, and contributed a lot to the local economy. They deserve to have their factory back.


It's interesting that last week this deal with China was being promoted as proof of all the good Trump is doing, but it now appears that when it comes down to brass tacks, China hasn't changed. They can promise all day to increase imports, but if they keep sky high tariffs in place, it just won't happen.

Also interesting that someone is censoring all comments critical of Trump. 🤔


Interesting that you have no ideal what you are talking about, your hatered of Trump has you bouncing off walls with comments.


Perhaps you can explain which of my "ideals" is wrong. "Liar liar pants on fire" is not a valid rebuttal to an argument

est PNW509

It’s true..Ifiber deleted my comment on trump


Not ifiber. A Trump snowflake did it.


It makes sense. They want to know what the market will look like before they dump a bunch of money into getting it back up.


It was a good place top work while it lasted. Thanks for the money!

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