Air Quality Update via Air Now 9 a.m. update 

Red - Unhealthy, Purple - Very Unhealthy 

Washington’s Smoke Blog reports that Washington wildfires are now contributing to the smoky atmosphere in our area.

The biggest contributors are the state’s largest remaining fires which include the Big Hollow Fire in southwest Washington, the Inchelium Complex on the Colville Indian Reservation, and the Cold Springs Canyon Fire in Okanogan County.

In addition to Washington wildfires, smoke from Oregon wildfires continues to funnel in. As far as any kind of reprieve is concerned, researchers say rain forecast to begin Thursday and last through Saturday should dampen and suppress the fires; such activity is expected to significantly reduce smoke production by the week’s end.

Washington’s smoke Blog says 2020 has produced the dirtiest air in state history.


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@the real JohnQPublic

How far back do their records go?

Stfu deplorables

Lock up anybody who intentionally started any fire. Period. Start imposing harsher penalties for anyone who accidentally starts a fire during Red Flag Warnings...

You know what they say, where there.s smoke there.s fire!

Bit hypocritical Conservatives?



Except those caught red handed. Just trying to clear things up. Also not any of the people that were already lighting fires in cities... just guns and chains ect.

Stfu deplorables

btw, it wasn't "Antifa" that sparked some of these fires. It was careless boaters and trailers with chains hitting pavement and folks shooting guns in the unraked forest.


No sense trying to reason with them. EVERYTHING is Antifa and BLMs doing.

Stfu deplorables

You are right, "it is what it is" as we hit 200,000 Covid deaths today for a virus they say doesn't exist. Its why the Republicans are fixin to lose the Senate....gonna be a long, dark winter Trump Clan Members....

Stfu deplorables

Time for a change

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