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MOSES LAKE - Sampling of Moses Lake will begin next week after reports of blue-green algae blooms in the lake over the past two days.

“Sampling has not yet been done to confirm the presence of microcystin toxins, but based on sampling in previous years, it is likely toxins are present,” Grant County Health District officials said Thursday.

The health district is advising people to be cautious around the lake and keep pets out of the water.

“Contact with any water that contains blooms should be avoided,” health district officials added.

Sampling for toxins are happening on Monday, with results expected by the end of next week.

Toxic blue-green algae was confirmed in the lake in July of last year.

The type of blue-green algae present can cause serious illness in people, pets and livestock, causing symptoms including jaundice, shock, abdominal pain, weakness nausea, vomiting, severe thirst or even death.

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There in lies the problem, THEY don't want to spend more money's to remove more fish and their feeble attempts earlier with 13,000 pounds is nothing when you figure those carp average about 10 pounds apiece but that's not to say someone can't organize a carp derby or 2 thru out the summer but definitely get rid of more carp there has to be hundreds of thousands in there

Strident Conservative

Use some of the funding to host the Largest Carp Derby in the NW with NO entry Fee. Pay $1 per pound or $5 a fish. This will clean up all the CARP. Host it every weekend July 1 Thru Labor Day. Clean up the Carp....Clean up the Lake.


And do you think the conservative population of Moses Lake will accept the six figure price tag? Actually, if we're talking ALL the carp, it's seven figures.

Tail Wagging The Dog

"Hold your breath" and don't forget your mask.


Oh...I thought the city/county/state was going to do something about mistake


right on

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