Cosmic Crisp apple

MOSES LAKE - In the making since 1997, the Cosmic Crisp finally hit store the coveted Cosmic Crisp apple is finally available for purchase on store shelves.

On Monday, iFIBER ONE News confirmed that the Safeway Grocery stores in Moses Lake, East Wenatchee and Wenatchee currently carry the fruit.

Washington’s first native apple variety is being sold for $3.29 lb at the Moses Lake Safeway and $3.49 lb at the Safeway stores in East Wenatchee and Wenatchee. Produce clerks at all three stores say they’ve fielded many calls inquiring about the apple.

The Moses Lake Safeway confirmed that it has eight cases available and the Wenatchee Safeway says it had three cases for sale. Each case contains 48 apples.

Sales so far have been steady according to store staff.

iFIBER ONE News spoke to other grocers in the area and none currently carried the apple and could not confirm when they’d be selling it.

QFC is also selling the apple. Breeders call it ‘Cosmic Crisp’ because of the bright yellowish dots on its skin, researchers say it looks like distant stars. Breeders say the Cosmic Crisp is a cross between an Enterprise and a Honeycrisp-making it perfect for baking and eating. It’s also engineered to brown much slower than other varieties and can last for up to a whole year.

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