MOSES LAKE - Republican Senator Judy Warnick of Moses Lake believes stiff penalties against the state’s governor could be warranted after he mistakenly gifted maggot-infested apples to communities devastated by wildfires.

Warnick says she knows the governor had good intentions, but it doesn’t excuse the fact that he “illegally” brought in fruit from a quarantined area of the state. Thurston County is an apple-maggot quarantine area, but Douglas County is not.

Chelan and Douglas county officials are now asking for the public’s help in locating the apples that the governor had gifted to prevent the spread of apple maggots to the apple supply chain in eastern Washington.

“The governor illegally brought apples to eastern Washington areas that are quarantined from outside homegrown fruit,” Warnick told iFIBER ONE News. “By doing so, he is endangering our entire export crop of apples which is a crucial part of Washington’s agriculture industry.”

Warnick says Inslee’s gesture of goodwill is considered to be a misdemeanor offense; a penalty would be impose by the Washington Department of Agriculture.

iFIBER ONE News asked Warnick about what the underlying lesson would be if the governor was penalized.

“A good lesson for others who are unaware of the enormity of the problem and who don’t know what the highway warning signs mean.”

Local officials say governor delivered the honey crisp apples infected with maggots to the town of Bridgeport on Sept. 12. 

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@the real JohnQPublic

Central Bonded is on one end of the building and her district office is on the other. Think there's a pass through door?


Senator Warnick, who under the radar, owns Central Bonded. Look at our Lakes. Throwing insults does not make you appear any more righteous.

Stfu deplorables

Actually, Trump hates you. But he wants your vote!


@the real JohnQPublic

Hatred of Trump rules your life. What's it like to give up your identity to adopt a hate-identity?

Stfu deplorables

Its important that uneducated Trump voters read some real news ever once in a while



Leftist Simps

Lollll....real news? And you refer to leftwing news. No wonder your a simp.

Stfu deplorables

NBC, ABC, CBS, all fake news? LOL. Rock on Covidiot!


Who owns those news organizations?

Shall we begin?

NBC, owned by Comcast who only donate to Dem politicians, have ex-dem congressmen on their board and obviously has a leftwing point of view.

CBS, Owned by Viacom which is Owned by National amusements. Both only donate to dem politicians and lobbies millions of dollars towards liberal legislation. (see a pattern yet?)

ABC, is owned by Disney. They are about 50/50 on political donations. President and CEO along with a majority share holders all donate, you guessed it, Dem/liberal progressives. Cozying up to china lately as well. Unclear whats happening there.

So your media influences are ALL leftwing. Well at least everyone knows why your absent any independent views. People with low self esteem, no purpose in life, no responsibilities are easy targets for the left to brain wash.

Stfu deplorables

Demented and Dotarded, just like his Clan Members


Leftist Simps

Look guys a mindless parrot repeating mindless trash news. Thank you for making more Trump supporters. I've never seen so many dumb ass leftist (not all Democrats have swung to the far left)(leftist have) help elect their opponent. Cheers!

Stfu deplorables

Mass Murderer



Leftist Simps

Thank you again parrot.

Stfu deplorables

Quite the Leader!


Leftist Simps

And again..thx


Meantime, yet another woman has come forth to complain about Sexual Predator Donald J. Trump. She joins 25 others, not including the teen-age girls Trump thought he could observe nude in their dressing rooms at the Miss Teenage USA pageant, because "he owned it."

A disgusting pig of a president for a constituency of disgusting pigs. Want to join?



Fake John Q Public, like fake the guardian, comes out of a rock like most libs to acuse. That has nothing to do with subject at hand. Troller pig


Right on Eastside! I totally agree with you!

Leftist Simps

You working with deplorable? Great..more parrots..

Stfu deplorables

lol "lock him up". #applegate.

Trump is the one who's gonna get locked up. Hes a mass murderer.


You just proved your hatred of Trump has enjured your brain. If you remember, the Congress was trying to impeach when they should of been investigating the China report! Trump saved lived because of blocking travel from China and Europe. The democrats were up in arms when he did that! He did that without panicking everyone. But the fake news and brainwashed people like you put a whole different spin on this. Like the 9/ 11 attack the lab virus from China is promoted from another country. Calling the president a mass murder, you sir should do jail time.

Stfu deplorables

Were going to Lock him up. In fact, the only Trump not going to jail is Barron, unless he was in on the teenage facebook scheme.

You guys getting a little jumpy....are we doing the Covid cleanse correctly? Its inject the bleach(skin), ingest the disinfectant(mouth), and snort the HCQ......but whatever you do dont panic, even though if you are the wrong person you have no shot. "No shot Bob"


The thing about bleach and all, has been debunk so many times . But being a socialists like yourself, you continue this lying.

@the real JohnQPublic

You stating that Trump is responsible for the death of people is, to me, the same as stating that Trump is also responsible for your stupidity.

Leftist Simps

Your panicking simp. Why else would you be trying to convince people how bad Trump is? You know what's coming dont you. More leftist sky screaming. Normally I wouldnt comment so much but stupid people are easy targets.


Wow again Eastside I totally agree!

Leftist Simps

Hey...got a question, who sent covid patients to nursing homes instead of a empty hospital ship and 11,000 elderly people died. A leftist like you did.


Lock him up! Negligence of state laws are no excuse to getting off the hook. But of course this gov is negligent in many areas. When first asked about 'chop' city he claimed ignorance. BS! This guy is the poorest excuse we've ever had for a gov. And we've had many that were poor excuses!


Stfu deplorables

You guys are gonna be sooo sad Nov 4th...I hear Potlatch and Lewiston are nice this time of year. Some of yall probably need to mosey on over to Idaho where you can fit in better.


@the real JohnQPublic

I'll be sad if Biden wins because he'll destroy the economy and is suffering from dementia. Unlike liberal crybabies, us conservatives will just go back to work and carry on as normal. If Trump wins, it'll be world war III for the liberal SJW dummy.

Stfu deplorables

Ya, about the economy and those jobs....this is what happens when you dont take a PANDEMIC seriously like other nations led by adults....

Jobs since Inauguration 2017 MINUS 7 million Plus!



Biden will "destroy" the economy, deslite it growing year after year while he was in the white house as VP. LOL.

Trumptards are deranged.

Leftist Simps

What records did he achieve? Oh yeah 11 million more people on food stamps, the worst unemployment numbers since the 1920s, double the national debt, spent more than all of the president's before him put together..on and on and on..you need some help with facts Simp.

Desert Dweller

If I was caught bringing in apple maggot there would be a big fine at a minimum.

Being as inslee is a liberal and completely unaware of Agriculture's connection to actual nature, not to mention unable to comprehend the sign that says "No homegrown or backyard fruit beyond this point" what do you think will happen?

You have to be smarter than the maggot, if that pest gets established in Eastern Washington the apple industry will have another Big expense annually.

Stfu deplorables

Lol He should apologize but other than that.....Yawn.

In REAL NEWS, the Governor deserves praise for keeping our numbers low...one of the many reason he will wipe the floor with Pedophile Protector Culp (PPC)

United States

Coronavirus Cases:





love how you think a handful of people could stop a virus. you are why this country is full of retards. it spreads through the air. sticks to objects. but if you think that man has done anything good. your probably 1 who is living off tax payers money. begging for more money from unemployment. instead of getting off your fat ass and contributing to America


It was stopped in better run countries. Maybe they used magic.


You should move there, really!


Right on Kyle!


STfu, he should also apologize for taking out small businesses, not implementing the 30 dollar tabs, and saying we have overwhelming science of Global warming when in fact we have as many science saying the opposite! Culp 2020!!!!!!!!


STFU are you crazy or just plain stupid?


He should be penalized to the fullest. He's an idiot. And lets bring apples to victims of wildfires! Forget bringing them resources such as water and food, or supplies for wounds and clothing and supplies for the firefighters because that would be more helpful.

stinky stew

inslee. was he a orchard owner from yakama in his past?


The chance that he could have potentially damaged one of our major cash crops that Washington is known for its apples, as governor he should have known better with all of his advisors and his Entourage one would have thought that someone would have said something, he needs to be made an example of just because he is a governor does not mean he is above the law, not only should he be penalized he should be penalized absolutely to the maximum this was not a fact-finding mission really to speak of when you look at it, it was more of campaigning no reason to bring Apples the areas where they grow apples he was just out on the campaign Trail in my opinion and by doing so transporting infected apples across the state and he is so concerned about people getting infected by this virus, when he himself could have infected our apple crop ,there was not a lot of thought process in this

Stfu deplorables

#trumpliedpeopledied. 200,000+ on our way to 400k.

Apples to Oranges comparison

@the real JohnQPublic

And in related news, Bob Ferguson is suing the Trump administration for allowing the apple maggot pandemic to continue on for years. When asked about the lawsuit, Ferguson said, "Trump needs to be held accountable for apple maggots that have been infecting this state for decades. Plus, I have Stage 4 TDS, so this helps alleviate my symptoms."

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