Gia Fuda

STEVENS PASS - The search for a missing 18-year-old from Maple Valley girl is over after she was found alive in the woods near Stevens Pass on Saturday.

KING 5 reports that Giovanna Fuda was found about two miles up a steep ravine along Highway 2 between Skykomish and Stevens Pass. Rescuers say she was awake and alert and received medical treatment.

Official say Fuda is in stable condition and is with her parents. At about 2:45 p.m. on Saturday, search and rescue crews noticed a notebook, clothing, shoes that belonged to Fuda. KING 5 reports that searchers followed a creek up the ravine and found Fuda.

“This is very rare, it is definitely a miracle, and we are so thrilled that she made it out okay," said King County Sheriff spokesman Ryan Abbott told KING 5.   

Detectives are in the process of finding out what occurred, but believe she ran out of gas, went looking for help, and somehow got turned around.

Fuda was initially reported missing on July 24 after leaving her parents’ home in Maple Valley.

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stinky stew

happy she was found. 2 miles UP a steep ravine? Musta found some mushrooms growing out of a rotting log and tried them out-- perhaps the little woodland elfs & faries kept close watch on her------


Like everyone else, I am so relieved that she was found, PtL! And like everyone else, this sounds exactly like the "Missing 411" movie/book, where people just vanish, in a National Park or some other wooded mountain. In the Seattle Times article from 8/1/20, Gia's mom is quoted as saying, "She thought she'd only been up there three days," Kristin Fuda said. Now that's is some genuine X-Files material. Even if Gia was off by a couple days in her estimate of 3 days, that is still like 4-5 days of missing time. Think about it, how can you be off by 4-5 days? That is a lot of time in those woods. I think only under hypnosis, can we discover the nature of the missing time she experienced.


She took her cell phone but not her purse. Obviously she was looking for a signal so she could call for help instead of relying on a random stranger. Can you blame her after the stories here basically concluding that she had been abducted? She tried to climb a mountain and got lost.


First and foremost Im glad she is safe and sound. Secondly, Im calling mental health issues or outright deception.This reeks of Jerry Springer material...


Believe me, theres a hell of allot more to this story they arent saying. This is exactly like the stories David Palides tells in his "Missing, 411" book series of national parks/forests. We have a ton of these in WA state, especially around MT Rainier. Stay tuned as there is allot more to this one.


So it doesn't make sense that a lost person would become disoriented and lose track of time?


Trust me, there's a LOT more to this story than just running out of gas and "getting turned around". I don't want to make any assumptions so I won't, but no one in their right mind does this.

The Rural Realist

I have never been happier to be wrong! I was pretty sure she was tied up in somebody's basement. It still hasn't restored my faith in humanity though.

Desert Dweller

My exact sentiments.

Lucky girl, lucky family.


Praise the Lord!

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