SOAP LAKE - Soap Lake’s school district will submit its back-to-school plan to the Grant County Health District and state soon.

The district has proposed a two-option model that involves alternating in-person learning and an online-only model with the option of in-person learning on Fridays. For the alternating in-person model, half of the student body will attend class from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. Monday through Friday and the remaining half will attend classes from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. The online model requires all students to learn online-only Monday through Thursday, with an in-person learning option available on Fridays for one-on-one teacher instruction and for test-taking assessments.

Online students would able to pick up breakfast/lunches outside the elementary building from 11:15 to 11:45.

The district says it's working on child care.

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Tell the students to keep in line or they might have the SOAP LAKE police K9 attacking them.


These teachers are not worth the money they are getting sitting at home, Go back to work or no more bonds for schools,,,It is that simple.


Clearly none of y'all have kids or know any teachers.

But since you boys clearly know better... Feel free to step on up and walk the walk. If you think teaching be it online is that easy PLEASE help on out big brains. Show those pansy libs there's nothing to it! Bunch of Keyboard Karen's up in here

@the real JohnQPublic

Do you think the teachers will dig into their union contract and attempt to get paid double if their teaching two half day classes to different groups of kids? I do.

stinky stew

I think it means 2 kids will be given those Mr. Potato Head kits and see if they can copy the photo on the box. . OR learn to make life sized cardboard cutouts of fans in the bleachers for falls national felon league- nfl odd ball games- just a guess--- lol.


TWO kids learning to make MODELS?? This is what we're paying teachers for?

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