WENATCHEE - The South Wenatchee Dutch Bros is closed for cleaning after one of its employees tested positive for coronavirus.

A barista who works at the coffee stand located at 739 S. Mission St. took a COVID-19 test on Tuesday and received a positive result the following day. The worker has been asked to self-isolate for 14 days. The coffee stand has been closed since Wednesday.

“As an extra precaution, the shop will undergo a third-party deep clean before reopening. We are also coordinating with public health officials to confirm our protocols not only meet, but exceed, expectations,” a company representative told iFIBER ONE News on Thursday.

Dutch Bros. was unable to divulge any further information about the staffer who tested positive. Though, we were informed that the barista worked a morning shift on 6/18; a morning to afternoon shift on 6/21 and afternoon to evening shifts on 6/19, 6/20, and 6/22.

“Employees who worked directly with the employee have been notified and are currently on paid leave. The safety of our employees and customers is always our top priority.”

The South Wenatchee Dutch Bros. did not state whether its employees who came into contact with the infected worker would undergo testing for COVID-19 as well.

An exact reopening date is yet to be determined.

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And the number of people that are going to care?? Almost ZERO!!

Moses Lake was infected, and as predicted, it's business is just as strong if not stronger than before the Boogey Virus visisted.

Seriously, Bob?

Ha! you are full of sh8t. This is only the beginning.

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