Wes Crago

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SPOKANE - Spokane City Administrator Wes Crago is resigning less than one year after leaving the same post he had with the city of Ephrata for years. The Spokesman Review reports that newly-elected Spokane Mayor Nadine Woodward had picked him for the city administrator role. Crago joined the city of Spokane in November. 

“Everything is very positive and I have no hard feelings or ill feelings,” Crago told the Spokesman-Review on Saturday. “My heart kind of lies with the smaller organizations and being a little closer on the operational side and the staff members in a tight community.”

Crago told iFIBER ONE News that become Spokane's city administrator was a "dream job." 

Crago will be replaced by Public Works Director Scott Simmons as an interim. 

Prior to taking the job with the city of Spokane, Crago spent 16 years as Ephrata's City Administrator. 

Ephrata's current city administrator is former Ephrata Police Chief Mike Warren who has permanently became the city's top official. 

iFIBER ONE News will follow up to find out if Crago has any plans to return to Ephrata. 

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say what?

Cargo was an excellent Middle school History teacher in Ephrata. He was handed the job of City Administrator by the former City Administrator. Which he in turn handed the C.A. to Warren after another person turned it down.

Stfu deplorables

Donald Trump is broke. Beyond broke. He owes $420,000,000. Great business man. Hes going to die penniless in jail. LOCK HIM UP! Only a sucker and loser like The Rural Racist would vote for him now.


Have a great week everybody!

The Rural Realist

I suppose someone like yourself who gets all the bulk funding from the governmentAL programs wouldn't understand much about taxes, tax shelters, exemptions and showing losses to offset paying taxes. I do find humor in the fact that because you view him now as broke or poor that's a legitimate reason to not vote for someone. Anyway, if he does go to jail then you guys will have something in common..........your food, housing and medical being provided by the government.

stinky stew

you all have stressed the man in photograph. his hair has fallen off-- say you are sorry to the man, he could be reading this article.


very emphatic response..


Hey Rural Realist, the hate spewed by you in your comment about Wes Crago is awful. It’s a shame cowards like you can hide behind a fake name to voice hatred and condemnation. I challenge you to post under your actual name and your hate would come to a cowardly stop! I implore ifiber to eliminate these pen names for all of us. I sincerely believe the result will be less hatred and more positivity. Let’s put a stop to such hate filled posts. Wes Crago has done more for Ephrata as a teacher, Council Member and Administrator than anyone I have ever seen. Rural Realist you should be ashamed of such a hateful comment. If you have the nerve to post the same comment with your actual name on it, that’s free speech. We may not like it but it’s free speech.

The Rural Realist

I knew a fellow member of that "good old boy" club in Ephrata would come out to his defense. Did you work with him or just swap favors?

My comment may sound like hate but the truth usually does to those living a lie. Truth is not hate, it's just truth. I find great humor in your courageous lecture about using real names.......is LetsBReal your first or last name?

The Rural Realist

In dairy products, the cream rises to the top but in septic systems, the solids eventually sink to the bottom. Without the "good old boy" network of the of arrogant condescending like minded criminals that make of the city officials of ephrata, he sunk like the turd he is. He was not capable of surviving in an environment where he would be judged based off of his own merit instead of who's friend he was.

What kind hearted act it was that the city of Spokane to allowed him to resign instead of firing him.

It will be fun to watch the city of ephrata try to create a ew position for him so they bring home their wayward friend.

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