SPOKANE - Spokane, Wash. has been the second largest city in the state of Washington for more than 125 years. The town has faced prosperity through railroad development to tragedies from fires, carving a rather interesting history into the city.

Be it the site of a battle against Native Americans or a 1900s brewery and spa, with a history like Spokane’s, one must expect ghost stories.

There have been major accounts from local landmarks such as Browne’s Addition, which was the home to many railroad and mine supervisors who erected mansions in the middle of Downtown Spokane.

These days, many of these mansions have become office buildings or renovated into affordable apartment spaces. The old neighborhood, however, brings out many ghost stories, Patsy Clark’s Mansion is probably the most prominent.

Patrick Clark was an Irish Immigrant who built a gaudy, multi-million dollar mansion.

Filled with Italian opal light fixtures, stained glass almost everywhere, a dining room made out of gopher wood, and creepy basement rooms for their servants, the house has been preserved for the original tenants throughout the years.

The house was renovated to be a restaurant in the later 1980s. Many servers, cooks and even the owner spoke about seeing Patsy Clark’s wife and their servants around the house and rather odd happenings.

The house stands as a law firm office these days, remodeled to the old blueprints and fixtures which the newer owner says to be the reason that Mary Clark has not haunted him.

The Historic Davenport Hotel was opened in 1914 by Louis Davenport. It was the location for many to meet and celebrate.

There are rumors that a woman fell to her death from one of the towers as well as the owner, Louis dying in his suite.

Guests and workers claim to have seen the woman wandering the dining hall not understanding how she died as well as Louis Davenport strolling the halls of his beloved hotel.

The list of haunted hotspots in the town goes on and on which has created a plethora of paranormal crews within the area.

The Spokane Ghost Crew (SGC) is one among many in the haunted city that spends their weekends hunting down the rumors that sprinkle the internet.

The crew was created by lead investigator, Brian McCraw and mainly consists of his extended family.

The SGC is a non-profit group that loves using their paranormal sixth sense or clairvoyance which they refer to as being “sensitive”.

There is a black box filled with Electromagnetic Field Meters, Spirit Boxes and other ways to test whether or not there is a ghost around you and give them a way to speak to you.

The crew can be called upon for house ghosts but they also love visiting rumored public spots and seeing if they truly are haunted.

I, Madison Meyer, a part of the iFiber team and honorary member of the SGC, took part in two of their October hunts.

The people that would come along on these special hunts were lead investigator, Brian, his two other crew members, David and Charles and another honorary ghost hunter (my dad to keep me safe), Dan Meyer.

Before a hunt, the team gathers to meditate and bring good energy in with hopes of good communication and to keep from leaving the space with their own hunter.

The Fairmount Cemetery has almost 130 years of tombstones amongst miles of grass where many ghost stories lie.

Many living visitors say they’ve seen spirits running from tree to tree and there have been reports of people being followed around. As we walked through the cemetery, Brian and his co-investigator David, carried around an K-II meter and an EVP recorder.

A K-II meter gauges the electromagnetic field around you and will spike if there is a ghost around. It can malfunction if it gets too close to another electronic but the team usually verbalizes that for their Facebook Live watchers.

An EVP recorder is used to record the electronic voice phenomena. The audio is recorded with thoughts that ghosts can communicate through it using the energy of the electronic.

David and Brian were the only ones with flashlights as we walked through the graveyards.

My personal interest in the beautiful catacomb wall at the graveyard brought us to walk across it and David rather perfectly placed his flashlight on my personal family friends. We had no idea they were laid to rest in this park.

This couple who were buried together used to be good friends with my great grandma, they used to travel across the seas together.

The K-II meter went absolutely crazy as we were in front of these headstones.

We asked questions about my great-grandma and even let the couple know that I was my grandma’s namesake.

As hopeful as I was to see if they had actually spoken to us over the EVP recorder, they did not hear .

We continued along the graveyard and the K-II Meter continued to spike amongst the mausoleums and headstones.

Despite the lack of EVP readings, The Spokane Ghost Crew has deemed the Fairmount Graveyard as haunted in the past, and with the K-II meters’ readings, continue to say that it is.

The next hunt that the team took me to was at Minnehaha Park.

There is an old stone house that has since been made into a storage unit but once was the summer home to a lawyer.

It was then sold to a couple who made a brewery and spa with the natural spring that ran within the woods.

The legend is that when the stone house was built, it was an orphanage.

Whether or not you believe that half of the home caught on fire killing children within or that the caretaker was sadistic and killed multiple children, people claim to hear children laughing and playing within the park.

As we walked around the building and the woods behind it, the SGC used a number of ghost hunting gadgets.

Along with the EVP recorder and K-II meter, they used a spirit box that uses white noise to hear the voices of ghosts on the spot rather than listening to a recorder later.

The most active object however, was a simple household Maglite.

Investigator Charles Johnson uses the Maglite to connect with ghosts by turning the button slightly on and asking ghosts questions that they can answer by turning on the light.

Once the team felt a ghost’s presence, they began to ask questions such as, “If there is a female in our presence other than on our team, turn the light on,” or, “If you believe in good book (the bible), turn the light off.”

To my much skeptical mind’s surprise, the light flicked on and off as questions were fired.

As we walked through the forest and neared the rather mysterious totem pole at the entrance, K-II meters flicked and the hunters felt their “sensitivity” rise and fall.

The hunt ended on a swing set that was shown to be swinging back and forth on its own and the crew deemed the hotspot to also be truly haunted.

The crew is constantly looking for new places to investigate and do travel if a lead is juicy enough to do so. The team had just recently spent a few days probing a haunted spot in Colfax, Washington.

If you would like to follow them during one of their hunts, they live stream every investigation from their Facebook group.

If you would like to tell us a ghost story or have one they might be interested in following up with, you can email us or message them on their Facebook group.

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