MOSES LAKE - It was another busy afternoon for officers taking part in high visibility emphasis patrols Wednesday in Moses Lake as distracted driving and seatbelt violations piled up.

The four-hour patrols along West Broadway Avenue, which included a plain-clothed deputy calling out violations to waiting officers down the road, led to 145 traffic stops and 119 infractions issued.

Among the violations were 63 tickets for using an electronic device while driving and 36 for no seatbelt use.

“Distracted driving and no seatbelt use are the top factors in fatal crashes in Grant County,” stated Grant County Sgt. Josh Sainsbury. “We know that the majority of drivers in Grant County don’t drive distracted and wear their seatbelts and we are incredibly thankful for them. However, we are really concerned with the number of violations observed during the WTSC (Washington Traffic Safety Commission) funded emphasis patrol. Our law enforcement and the community expects our drivers to drive safely and following the law, as community members ourselves, it puts us all at unease when we hear of disregard like we saw last night.”

Similar emphasis patrols in Quincy last month showed similar trends: distracted driving, including using an electronic device, and not wearing a seatbelt were the most common reasons for traffic stops.

“It’s clear that WTSC and local law enforcement have some work to do with education and enforcement of distracted drivers and seatbelt/child restraint usage,” stated Target Zero Manager Alison Mitchell. “We truly want to create a culture of health within our communities, and we need everyone’s help in doing that. Choose to buckle up every trip, every time, and put your phone away or on do not disturb when you are driving. No text, post, or photo is worth losing your life or taking the life of another, and neither violation is worth getting a ticket for. I’m really proud of the hard work that our officers put in last night during this emphasis; their work every day really does make a difference in changing driving behaviors to keep not only ‘your’ but ‘our’ communities and roadways safe.”

Infractions issued during Moses Lake emphasis patrols:

  • Using electronic device: 63 (8 warnings)
  • No insurance: 4 (7 warnings)
  • Other moving violation: 1
  • Other non-moving violation: 3
  • No valid operator’s license: 2
  • No seatbelt use: 36 (5 warnings)
  • Seatbelt misuse: 1
  • Child car seat violations: 9 (2 warnings)
  • Equipment violations: 4 warnings

Along with the traffic citations, criminal offenses found during the patrols included driving with a suspended license (3), felony arrest warrants (1) and misdemeanor arrests (1).

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Hey Fletch, is that you!?

@the real JohnQPublic

They could have stood alongside the road in full military riot gear with machine guns and signs held aloft to obey the rules. Or, they could collect revenue. Either way promotes behaviour changes, right?


nail them


I really wish we could stop the speeding I drive for a living across washington and I can't believe how many people speed I'm doing 70 on i90 I Evan have Simi trucks passing me and they are supposed to be doing 60mph the cars pass me like I'm standing still why people just can't enjoy the sights of this beutifuil state and slow down.


The way I see it, during covid-19 phase one... police officers were not pulling anyone over issuing tickets unless it was extreme violent crime or life-threatening something of that nature. With that being said, time to play catch up on Lost of Revenue, makes sense to me. People should not be while on their cell phones... it's dangerous, seat belts save lives. But you better believe all these laws aurum place to save lives, what is also in place to generate Revenue. And you better believe it that they're going to come out with more laws in the future where is almost nearly impossible to get in the vehicle and drive down the street without doing something wrong... they have to make that money.


Cletus Doofus your name says it all and opinioncrossroad I wouldn't doubt that you have either been in an accident or have caused one. Bugs I agree with you 100%! Desert Dweller thank you for your driving skills!

Desert Dweller

You have to pass a written test and a driving test to get a license.

I know it is hard for some people to connect the significance of the two things with actual control of a motor vehicle.

Trust me a cops word in court, unless you have pretty good proof otherwise is gonna cost ya.


Thank you


I've been seeing a big increase in the number of accidents caused by a driver crossing the center line and colliding with oncoming traffic. My guess is that most, if not all of them are caused by drivers using their cell phones for texting or games. My cell phone stays in my pocket while driving. On a limited occasion I've received a text notice so I find a spot to pull over and stop to check it.


I agree 100%


Excellent community response for funding the police! Where's tomorrow's donation point?


Right next to the sign that says, PROVE IT!! Unless that is, those drivers admitted to the chasers they were doing the infraction.. Then they should get a ticket not for the infraction but just being STUPID..

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