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EPHRATA - The Washington State Patrol is conducting emphasis patrols this Memorial Day weekend, with extra troopers looking for dangerous speeders, distracted driving and impaired drivers.

“Troopers will be working across the state to make sure drivers are following the posted speed limits, not driving distracted or driving impaired,” state troopers stated. “Please plan ahead and allow plenty of extra travel time.”

Impaired driving continues to be one of the leading causes of serious injury and fatal crashes in the state.

“We will have zero tolerance for drivers who are stopped and are impaired,” stated WSP Capt. Jeff Otis. “Our troopers will continue to do what it takes to remove these dangerous drivers from our roads."

The state patrol has reported an increase in people driving at high speeds as less vehicles are on the roads during the state’s stay-at-home order. Troopers have stopped several drivers traveling at more than 100 mph on state highways.

The state patrol has also seen a sharp increase in motorcycle fatality collisions in 2020. So far this year, there have been 17 motorcycle fatalities, 12 of those in the month of April. Troopers say speeding was a common factor, along with inexperience shown by a lack of proper license endorsement and driving impaired.

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King Inslee again, interfering with my God-given right to drive drunk at 100 MPH while texting, eating a Whopper, and getting a handy. Vote him out!!!


Turn in your license if you think that's okay behaviour. You satanic beast you. Move back from east to west and you can do all that stuff. Not over here.


If you're going to get a ticket, then tell them to mark their cars. RCW 46.08.065. They serve the general public, not the other way around.

Seriously, Bob?

Nice try...geez...

Interpret as you will, Trumpette.

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