Data-gathering firm, Unacast, has developed a map that grades states and counties on social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. Information compiled by the research company came from data and statistics released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as the World Health Organization.

The study gave Washington state a “B” on its social distancing practices.

The metrics of the studies were based on data such as: people dwelling at home vs. people dwelling outside their homes, changes in average times spent in and around home, change in dispersion of group gatherings, and changes in average distance traveled. "Distance traveled" was the biggest grading contingency.

According to Unacast’s research, Washington state saw a 36% decrease in travel statewide since February 28 through March 21.

A further breakdown of research showed how each county was graded.

County       Grade     Travel Distance Change

Adams       F               -1%

Grant        D                -19%

Chelan      C                -24%

Douglas    C                -29%

Kittitas      F                  -1%

Okanogan   C               -21%

A link to the interactive map can be found here

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This should be a map called the most liberal socialist trending counties vs independent counties.


Yes I think that’s a good idea , the brainwashed republicans will all die from carona virus and the democrat will live on , dumb fuck


With that kind of language your a hateful/bitter person.


WOW but the informed do usually agree that tolerance is an inherited quality handed down by caring parents who teach their children to think on their own

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