MOSES LAKE - A suspect has been arrested in connection to a Dec. 21 drive-by shooting in Moses Lake.

Rodolfo Ramirez, 34, is charged with drive-by shooting and first-degree unlawful possession of a firearm. He is being held on $100,000 bail, according to court records.

Ramirez was arrested Friday in Adams County by U.S. Marshals and Adams County sheriff’s deputies in connection to the shooting and federal probation violations, according to Moses Lake police. 

Police responded about 10 a.m. Dec. 21 to the 3100 block of West Wapato Drive after four to five shots were fired, with one bullet going through a trailer wall and into a bedroom where a 4-year-old boy was sleeping.

Surveillance video shows a dark-colored Volkswagen Jetta pass by the trailer before a black sedan pulls up and a woman exits the car. The video shows the Jetta then approach the other vehicle. The woman then stops and appears to have a conversation with someone in the Jetta before she goes into the trailer, according to police. The woman told police she recognized Lacey Frias, 26 and Ramirez’s girlfriend, in the passenger seat.

Police say a man, reportedly Frias’ ex-boyfriend, then walks out of the woman’s trailer and “quickly ducks and runs” behind a vehicle as shots were fired, reportedly from the Jetta, which is seen on video leaving the area after the shooting.

Registration for the Jetta came back to Ramirez’s brother, who reportedly told police he had sold the vehicle to Rodolfo Ramirez several months prior. One victim later identified Rodolfo Ramirez as the driver during the shooting, according to Moses Lake police.

The Jetta was located Dec. 23 at a property on Stone Road. A woman at the home told police that the day before, a friend had picked her up in another vehicle and the two retrieved the Jetta from another home and drove it back to the Stone Road property. Police say Ramirez and Frias were at the property earlier in the day and had allegedly traded the Jetta for a maroon Honda Accord.

The Jetta was impounded and a search warrant served on Dec. 27. A .25 caliber bullet casing was reportedly found in the vehicle, as well as a bill of sale signed by Ramirez, according to police.

On Jan. 10, Ramirez was taken into custody at a property in Adams County. Frias was also taken into custody for fraud charges in connection to an Othello police investigation.

Ramirez was transported to the Moses Lake police department, where he reportedly told investigators he had traded the Jetta around Dec. 10, but police say Ramirez had actually traded the vehicles on Dec. 22, about 24 hours after the drive-by shooting. The maroon Honda Accord was located at the Adams County home where Ramirez was arrested, according to police.

Inside the Adams County residence, police reportedly recovered a located .25 caliber pistol in a room Ramirez had been staying in.

During the interview with Moses Lake detectives, Ramirez allegedly admitted to shooting at the man outside the Wapato Drive trailer, and claimed he had previously warned the man to stop “hanging around with Frias,” according to court records. Frias had reportedly been with the man for several hours before the shooting.

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