drug arrest

MOSES LAKE - A suspect in a drug investigation reportedly led Moses Lake police on a foot chase through the Surf n’ Slide parking lot on Monday, leaving his child in his car after fleeing from a traffic stop.

Officers had contacted Michael Cera Barajas, 23, as part of the investigation at about 11:45 a.m. Cera Barajas was in his vehicle with his 3-year-old son.

“When confronted by officers, Cera Barajas submitted his application for Dad of the Year by fleeing on foot, leaving the 3-year-old to fend for himself,” Moses Lake police stated.

Officers secured the child and chase the suspect, who reportedly tried to get into another vehicle in the aquatic center parking lot before running a second time. Cera Barajas was taken into custody as he attempted to enter the water park, according to Moses Lake police.

Cera Barajas was reportedly found in possession of several bindles of cocaine, packaged for sale, as well as more than $1,800 in small bills. Officers returned to the vehicle Cera Barajas tried to enter and found a window open. Police say the owner of the car found a loaded pistol inside, which was recovered by police.

Cera Barajas was booked into jail on outstanding warrants, possession with intent to distribute cocaine and obstructing law enforcement, with further charges pending. His child was turned over to Child Protective Services.

A search warrant was later executed on Cera Barajas’ vehicle and officer reportedly found more cocaine. The total amount of cocaine seized was about half an ounce.

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my guess is he already knew the cops were gonna take of the child.

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