Photograph by Mika Baumeister

MOSES LAKE - On Friday, Joel Rushing, a T-Mobile corporate spokesperson, confirmed that T-Mobile will open a store in Moses Lake. At this point, Rushing says the cellular service carrier is still determining where it wants to set up shop.

"I can confirm we are evaluating a new T-Mobile retail location in Moses Lake, WA, which would be the first T-Mobile store in town. Unfortunately, we don't have any specific timing information to share at this time,” Rushing told iFIBER ONE News in an email.

The Bellevue, Washington-based company has been rumored to be eying the former Payless Shoes location on Stratford Rd across the street from Taco Bell, but it has not been confirmed.

“As T-Mobile's network footprint continues to grow, especially with the deployment of our low-band nationwide 5G, we're able to reach more Americans, including those in more small town, rural locations, like Moses Lake,” Rushing added in an email.

The building formerly occupied by Payless is owned by Spokane real estate mogul Harlan Douglass of Douglass Properties. 

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@the real JohnQPublic

They're bringing in the 5G network that can spy on you through the internet of things. It's how the people will get tracked through the nano-vaccine that Bill Gates is making for covid.


Your comments are like we are already living in "Idiocracy" lol


What? No blaming Soros? Obama? Just Bill Gates... the medical boogeyman. Ohhhh scary.

Good thing you can block those radio waves with tin foil on your windows.

Angry old man

finally other than those a**wipes at a&tt..wost customer service and high prices



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