Turf Wars

Photo taken from WA Turf Wars Dual Teams Facebook page

POCATELLO, Idaho – Wrestling teams from Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, California, Montana, Utah and Hawaii all battled in Pocatello, Idaho earlier this week in the Turf Wars Duals. Wrestlers from high school and middle school attended and the Washington girls’ teams dominated the competition.

The team had plenty of representation from central Washington, including two girls from Moses Lake, high schooler Ashley Narajo and middle schooler Bianca Johnson.

Both the high school team and middle school teams cleaned house, with both teams sweeping the other state’s teams in both the Greco and Freestyle competitions.

The high school team had no problems sweeping aside the competition in the Greco bracket. The team that came the closest to toppling them was the fourth-place team, Utah, which lost to Washington in the Finals bracket, 41-24. In the freestyle competition, their closest score came again from Utah, 42-24, who finished third in that bracket.

The middle school team had a worthy rival in Idaho, but they too managed to win every dual. Idaho gave Washington all it could handle in the Greco competition, with Washington coming out on top 33-30. No one else even got close, with Washington blanking Hawaii, 67-0. In the freestyle competition, it was again Idaho that gave Washington a huge battle, with Washington pulling through 35-33. Washington went on to blow through the rest of the competition in that bracket as well.

The two teams ended the tournament with four first-place finishes and a combined 19-0 record.

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