MOSES LAKE - Two weeks of distracted driving emphasis patrols netted more than 100 violations in Grant and Adams counties.

The distracted driving patrols were held from March 28 to April 14 statewide. Law enforcement in Grant and Adams counties made 419 contacts during the patrols, which included 75 citations for cellphone use and another 58 for texting and other electronic devices, according to the Central Basin Traffic Safety Task Force.

Distracted driving accounted for about 30 percent of drivers cited during the emphasis patrols. Other notable ticket numbers included 100 for speeding, 32 for seat belt violations, 18 for child seat infractions, and six misdemeanor warrant arrests.

“Though the majority of law enforcement-initiated contacts (distraction, speed, seatbelt/child seat and suspect DUI) were not distracted drivers, we are still concerned for the nearly 30% that were cited as distracted,” the traffic safety force posted on Facebook. “Our hope is that you will talk to your friends and family and let them know their texts can wait.”

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Shouldn't they just be watching for this all the time? I agree that we need these cops out there but having quotas isn't right. They shouldn't be fishing for tickets. Seems like anytime they need revenue, they are out to enforce laws by writing fat tickets that then go on your record which in-turn increases you insurance rates.

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