Teen suspects pursuit

MOSES LAKE - Two teenagers were arrested Monday night in Moses Lake after reportedly fleeing from an attempted traffic stop, driving off the road and failing to escape on foot.

Police attempted to stop a Dodge Caliber for reckless speeds on Airway Drive just before midnight on Monday. The driver reportedly failed to stop, continuing south on Airway, across West Valley Road and onto Crestview Drive.

The pursuing officer had lost sight of the vehicle until police received a call of a reported crash after the suspect reportedly hit a curb at a high rate of speed on West Century Street, where both the driver and passenger ran, according to Moses Lake police.

Officer Nick Stewart and K9 Jester began tracking the two suspects, who both surrendered to officers on the search perimeter before being introduced to Jester.

The 17-year-old driver was booked into juvenile detention for felony eluding. The 17-year-old passenger was also taken to juvenile detention for possession of meth.

The suspects reportedly told police they fled from the traffic stop because of the about 2.5 grams of meth in the car.

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Jeez...what are we raising?


Unfortunately their is very little "we", with "we" meaning two (or even one) competent parents. The US seems to thrive on a system of dependency. A system that promotes uninvolved, under educated deadbeat fathers with little or no parental guidance or financial responsibilities. And a system that makes it clear to the mothers that if you have another child you could double your monthly income by those who pay their "fair share" of taxes.

More often than not, these criminals are from broken homes with very little self esteem or self worth and zero positive ambition.

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