EPHRATA - On Thursday, the Ephrata School District confirmed that a number of its staff members had or have contracted coronavirus.

iFIBER ONE News spoke to Ephrata School District Superintendent Tim Payne who wouldn’t confirm the number of coronavirus cases, active or inactive. Payne also wouldn’t confirm the positions of employment of those who contracted the illness.

Despite, the COVID-19 cases, Payne says the school district will ‘stay the course’ and stick to the schedule of starting partial in-person learning on Monday, Oct. 19.

Payne says those who have been infected have been quarantined and the proper safety protocols to prevent the spread of the illness within the district have been taken.

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The preface of this article's title is ridiculous, superfluous and shows a skewed viewpoint. Just say school is opening and let us draw our own conclusions.

Leftist Simps

I want to thank a certain group of people, that know nothing and yet continue to say how unsafe it is for kids to go to school? Your comments are amusingly ignorant and make me laugh. Thanks again because if it wasnt for you i'd lose all hope.

abcdefghij klmnopqrstuvwxyz

Am sure Mr payne isn't going to be their with the teachers and students so he doesn't care if they go back to school. They are making parents sign waivers not holding the schools responsible for anyone getting the virus. Going back to school just sounds stupid whats the rush specially when you know kids this small aren't going to be careful staying 6 ft apart and washing their hands is not like the teachers can watch each kid the time their at school. Just seems like such a high risk.


Kids are kids, screw the sitting at home. People are people (no matter how stupid most of them most of the time) this 'pandemic' is a joke. Everyone I know is at work, and the ones that aren't are just using the 'pandemic' as an excuse for being lazy. Wake up people, Grant County has had had what, 21 people die from covid? How many people died from car wrecks, or cancer or overdose or old age or pneumonia or even the flu? 23 out of 99,733 people, that's .0002% I'm no mathination but I'm fairly sure that's a statistically insignificant number. I get it some people die from this 'pandemic' but 96% of those people had health problems that were probably going to get them anyway. So that leaves a .000009% chance of a healthy Grant County resident dieing of this.

Better keep that mask on, you got a 9 in a million chance of not dieing from this. Also better not drive, because that has a fatality rate of 1 in 103, which comes out to 9,708 out of a million. (which is 1078 times what your odds are of dieing from Covid as a healthy grant County resident)


mathination is actually supposed so be mathematician, but again I have really fat thumbs and my auto correct was designed by Satan himself for a his democratic pleasure.


Your stats are amusing. Did you know 69% of all stats are made up?



All my numbers came from Google searches, which definitely doesn't make them true, but they are probably at least in the ballpark


I said not dieing when ment dieing, in regard to masking up. Forgive my incompetence, I have have fat thumbs.


You're thums seam two knot no watt werds your trieing two taip.

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