WOODLAND PARK, Colo. - Those who knew longtime Warden resident Kelsey Berreth are at a crossroads, they don’t know whether to mourn the missing Colorado woman or hold out hope that she’s alive and well.

Born in Grant County, raised in Warden but moved to Woodland Park, Colorado in 2016, the 29-year-old flight instructor and mother of one, was last seen Thanksgiving Day. Surveillance footage at a Safeway in Woodland Park on Nov. 22 captured Kelsey but the mystery of her whereabouts remains. It’s believed that her fiance and the father of her child, Patrick Frazee, was the last person to see Kelsey after she exchanged her daughter with him on Thanksgiving. However, Frazee is not a suspect at this time, according to Woodland Park Police. Though, Kelsey's family reportedly said, "they don't really know" Frazee when they were asked if they "questioned his character."

Frazee was also invited to the press conference that was held in Woodland Park on Monday, Dec. 10, but he did not attend, according to Woodland Park Police. Frazee and Berreth did not live together despite their engagement. 

Kelsey’s parents, retired hay farmers who lived north of Warden until they moved to Sandpoint, Idaho a few years ago, were emotional at the podium during Monday’s press conference in Colorado. 

"This is completely out of character. Kelsey loves her god, she loves her family, friends and she loves her job. She doesn't run off and someone knows where she's at. Kelsey, (sobbing) we just want you home, call us if you can and we won't quit looking," said Kelsey's mom, Cheryl Berreth. 

Cheryl Berreth contacted Frazee, who claims Nov. 25 was the last day he received a text from her phone. 

That's also the same day Kelsey's employer received a text from her phone stating that should would not be at work the following week. Police don't know why this message was sent.

On that day, Berreth's phone pinged near Gooding, Idaho, 800 miles from Woodland Park.

iFIBER ONE News spoke to Cheryl’s brother Ed Stanfill of Moses Lake, who says it's unlike Kelsey not to communicate with her mother.

"It's not normal. Kelsey and her mom typically talk quite often. I mean, they were attached to the hip since she was little. They were best friends. So, it was really weird for Cheryl not to have heard from Kelsey," Stanfill told iFIBER ONE News.

Berreth’s career in aviation began at Big Bend Community College where she trained as a pilot, but after moving to Sandpoint, she got the big career break she was looking in Pueblo, Coloardo for Doss Aviation as a flight instructor. Prior to her college years, Kelsey, a devout Christian, spent most of her childhood attending school at Crestview in Moses Lake. The school is tied to the local 7th Day Adventist Church which held a well-attended vigil for her last Thursday. Church member and longtime Berreth family friend, Jim Morgan, has talked to Kelsey’s father almost every day since she disappeared. Kelsey babysat Jim's kids when they were younger. 

"I've been talking with Darrell, her father, you know we've been close friends for a longtime and since this happened we've been talking almost daily. It's been hard, boy...the family is struggling with this...it's a parent's worst nightmare. I can't understand it as close as I am to them. There's more pain there than I can...," said Morgan.

Pastor Clinton Meharry says he’s asking everyone to “keep the faith” during this somber time. 

"We realize that our God is the one who knows Kelsey, loves her and is doing everything he can in helping her if she's still alive and we're praying for that and asking for that. The family is also relying on the grace and wisdom and the strength that God is giving," said Pastor Meharry.

Woodland Park police aren’t suspecting foul play in Kelsey’s disappearance at this time. But some may wonder whether it will take an act of divine intervention to bring her back. 

Berreth is 5-foot-3, 110 pounds, and wears a size 0-1 in clothing. She was last seen wearing a white shirt under a gray sweater, jeans or dark blue pants, white shoes, and was carrying a brown purse.

Please call Woodland Park Police at 719-687-9262 if you think know of her whereabouts. 

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