GEORGE - With tens-of-thousands of vehicles crossing over its deck every day since 1962, fatigue on the Vantage Bridge is has always been a factor, but stress caused by father time continues to take its toll on the super structure.

This week, crews arrived to find a hole in the bridge where a previous patch had failed and was fixed the same day it was found. Engineers say the hole did not compromise the structural integrity of the deck but they did admit that the condition of the bridge could be better but any overhaul is at least ten years away.

According to the DOT’s rating system, the overall condition of the bridge is rated 5 out of 9, with ‘7 through 9’ being good, 5 through 6 being fair and 0-4 being poor. Despite the lower rating, engineers say the structure is still very safe. According to the DOT bridge condition ratings, no portion of any structure had a rating below ‘3’.

For a full list of bridge structure condition ratings in Chelan, Douglas and Grant counties, open the document below: 

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