MOSES LAKE - Larson Heights Elementary Principal Karen Schotzko put on a show for her students on Friday when she kissed a potbellied pig not once, but twice.

The kissing of the adorable critter was part of a pledge she made to her students if their total chocolate bar sales exceeded $10,000. The incentive to see Principal Schotzko kiss a pig was apparently enough with candy bar sales surpassing $12,000.

Prior to kissing a pig named "Punkin," an animal whose name was chosen due to her love for punk rock, students were recognized for their sales. The top two sellers who sold in excess of $500 each were awarded and rewarded with being given the choice of the shade of lipstick to put on Principal Schotzko’s upper and bottom lip. One student choose the color fuchsia for her bottom lip and the other student choose bright red for her upper lip. Schotzko then planted a two kisses on the hog’s snout leaving some lipstick residue behind.

Schotzko says the gesture sent students into a frenzy.

“They screamed and laughed, they thought it was pretty darn funny,” Schotzko told iFIBER ONE News. “I’ve been receiving hugs all day from students and many of them are asking how it was to kiss a pig.”

Schotzko says Lakeview Elementary did the same thing a couple of years ago which is where the idea originated from. Last year, students duct taped Schotzko to a wall after they topped their sales goal total of $8,000 in 2019.

Schotzko says money generated from cocoa bar sales is spent on field trips, supplies and the so-called Eagle Market where treats, classroom items and toys are available for student purchase.

Punkin the potbellied pig belongs to Jennifer, president of the Lakeview Parent, Student, Teacher Organization.

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