MOSES LAKE - A Warden man found guilty in a 2018 shooting at Montlake Park in Moses Lake was sentenced Wednesday to 22 years in prison.

A jury previously found Zachary Skone guilty of first-degree assault with a firearm enhancement, two counts of first-degree unlawful possession of a firearm and one count of attempting to bribe a witness. Skone was acquitted on a charge of first-degree robbery, according to court records.

Skone turned down a plea agreement prior to his July trial. The plea agreement included a recommendation of less than 10 years in prison.

Moses Lake police say Skone was hiding in the bushes along Montlake Park on Jan. 14, 2018 when the then 18-year-old victim had agreed to meet a 17-year-old to sell the person prescription codeine syrup.

As the two met near what turned out to be Skone’s pickup truck, Skone came out of the bushes and shot the victim, according to court records.

Skone had been contacted by police Jan. 13 and was known to drive a white, single-cab pickup truck. Skone was taken into custody Jan. 15 and his truck was recovered from a home near Warden.

Screenshots from the victim's phone referenced the victim owing Skone $30. Skone also told police the victim is "known for not paying people or ripping them off."

During his time incarcerated, jail staff found Skone had used other inmates in attempts to tamper and bribe the victim. Investigators intercepted a number of jail phone recordings, and Skone used someone to pass on a message to the shooting victim, claiming the victim would be paid $10,000 if he did not show up to testify in the trial, according to court records.

Jail records dated Dec. 2, 2018 show Skone had more than two dozen violations in jail which jail staff states is a “complete disregard for the rules and regulations” of the facility.

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Desert Dweller

That is how you control violence. Good Job!!

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